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Knee braces and supports are worn as a medium to relieve knee pain. At times these are used to prevent injury during sports. These supports are a health aid that comforts in daily living. Prevention and treatment of all types of knee injuries is made easy with knee supports. A knee brace is made of diverse combinations of materials like metal, foam, plastic and straps, available in varied colors, shapes, and sizes.

HPFY brings for you a wide selection of knee supports, knee braces, knee wraps, hinged knee supports, immobilizers, knee sleeves, knee straps and more. All from best in industry like Breg Incorporated, DJO Incorporated, Advanced Orthopedics, BSN Medical, North Coast Medical, Core Products, Patterson Medical and more. Buy now at attractive prices!

What Are The Types of Knee Braces and Supports?

Hinged Knee Supports

Hinged knee braces are ideal for prevention and rehabilitation of knee ligament injuries. These supports provide the essential compression to the injured knee to help lessen pain and inflammation and improve the patients’ quality of life. Idyllic for daily routine activities it supports meniscus injuries, sprains and osteoarthritis. Knee pain and instability can be treated with these as they offer better stability and support in comparison to few basic supports.

Knee Sleeves

Knee sleeves are actually and technically not braces. But there is no denial in the fact that knee sleeves are the most common and widely used knee supports. They are specifically crafted to offer compression round the knee joint. In turn it supports knee and aids relieving knee pain and discomfort in knee movement. It right away guards the knee from any injury. Widely these are trusted by professional athletes and sportsmen.

Knee Wraps

Knee wraps are designed to be wrapped around the knee in a coiled or crosswise pattern to use in squats. These are highly treasured by power lifters because these supports let more weight to be lifted. The rigidity of the wraps permits a high amount of elastic energy to be stored, ultimately leading to heavier and faster squats. Knee wraps reduce stress and enables lifting of enormous weights that competitive power lifters move in the squats. It is therefore obvious, power lifters choose the knee wraps. The flexible elastic used in these aids the mobility and the knee support needed when lifting heavy weights.

Knee Straps Or Bands

Knee bands, alias knee straps, help releasing pressure off the patellar tendon in the knee. When the patellar tendon is stressed more than its usual range of motion, it can cause inflammation and patellar tendonitis in turn leading to knee pain and distress. Knee bands help rescue this situation. They apply gentle force to the front of the knee that lessens stress from the patellar tendon. Activities such as sports that put on much pressure on the knees are highly benefitted with these. Sports which include lots of running and jumping put stress on the knees because of the continuous contact between the leg and the ground. That's the reason for many athletes to wear knee bands to help prevent knee pain and injury.

Patella Knee Braces

A Patella knee brace aids right knee movement and decrease in knee joint corrosion. Patellar knee straps are used to treat Osgood Schlatters, Patellar Tendonitis (Jumpers Knee), Chondromalacia Patella and Runners Knee. A general anterior knee pain around the kneecap can be treated well with these. These braces have double knee straps that work well for Iliotibial band syndrome.

Open and Close Popliteal Knee Braces

Popliteal is located at the back of the knee brace. Based on popliteal position, there are 2 types of braces. Open Popliteal and closed Popliteal. An open popliteal brace has a slight opening behind the knee which aids keep the body calm when moving. Correspondingly in a closed popliteal brace there is no opening at the back of the knee. This one helps retain the leg warmth when moving in cooler temperatures.

Where to buy Knee Supports Online?

At HPFY, you will find different types of Knee supports, like Advanced Orthopaedics Universal Wrap Around Knee Brace, Breg ShortRunner Wraparound Knee Brace, and Donjoy Knee Brace.

We also have Alimed Freedom Swedish AFO, which has a sleek form with a low arch and open heel that effortlessly fits any shoe. This FSA-Approved orthosis can be cut with scissors and the polyethylene injection splint that provides static dorsiflexion help and lateral stability for the entire foot-ankle area.

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