Personal Hygiene Aids

Personal hygiene aids are specially designed for individuals with limited mobility or special needs. They help in maintaining daily personal hygiene, that too independently without much efforts. Personal hygiene products for disabled include back scratchers, facial tissues, lotion applicators, facial sauna and brushes, etc. available at HPFY. 

  • Lotion applicators help individuals with limited mobility to easily apply the prescribed lotions. Their handles are so designed that allow easy reaching to areas like back, legs, and feet. They generally have contoured grip for ease of use and security. Replacement pads also come for these lotion applicators in case they tear off.
  • Back scratchers are designed to scratch hard-to-reach places on the body. They are usually bendable and can be bend as desired to scratch anywhere.
  • Facial sauna provides warm steam to the surface of the skin and opens up the pores. Opening up the pores removes dirt and impurities from beneath the surface of the skin and leaves the skin soft and hydrated. Facial sauna can loosen blackheads, remove dead skin cells and increase blood flow. Facial brush set gently removes oil, dirt and makeup from deep within the pores, thereby encouraging skin renewal. It helps in keeping the skin clean and healthy.
  • Facial tissues are used for gently cleaning the skin without being harsh. These personal aids are very soft and prevent skin chafing due to constant use. Also, they are strong enough and do not tear off while using.

At HPFY, there is a wide range of personal hygiene aids available from various popular manufacturers like North Coast Medical, Health Enterprises, Essential Medical, Jobar International, Maddak Inc., etc.

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