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Nearly Me is a maker of high quality breast forms in a variety of shapes sizes and weights. These breast forms are made up of silicone or foam for comfort and durability. These forms are developed according to the specific needs of women post-mastectomy. Nearly Me breast forms are classified according to weight and style in order to make it easier for you to make the selection. At HPFY we bring to you the entire range of breast forms from nearly me. Try the popular Nearly Me 395 Extra Lightweight Semi-Full Triangle Breast Form or the Nearly Me 860 Basic Modified Triangle Breast Form and many others for best results.

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Types of Nearly Me Breast Forms:

Standard Weight Breast Forms

They are designed to imitate the real breast in weight by equalizing to the weight of the tissue removed during surgery. It is important to maintain balance of the body by maintaining the weight in order to prevent postural problems like a shoulder drop. These breast prosthesis provides a natural feel, appearance and movement while it is on. These breast forms are available in many styles and beige color. You can select the style that suits you the most.

Lightweight Forms

They are around 20-25 percent lighter in comparison to the standard weight breast forms. As seen in many cases natural breast density may change after a mastectomy surgery due to weight loss. These breast forms provide a lighter alternative to the standard forms so that you don’t have to bear the extra weight. Nevertheless these forms still retain a natural looking shape while being soft and comfortable. These breast forms are available in beige color and many styles.

  • Extra Lightweight Silicone Breast Forms: These forms are up to 35 percent lighter than the standard silicone breast forms.
  • Ultra Lightweight Silicone Breast Forms: These breast forms provide the lightest alternative for silicone breast forms. They are around 40% lighter in weight than standard silicone breast forms.

Foam Breast Forms

Just after a mastectomy surgery it is not possible to wear a weighted breast form. The scar is still in the recovering stage. Foam breast forms can be worn at that time because they are very light in weight and do not irritate the fragile skin. They can be worn with any pocketed bra and go undetectable under clothing. These forms come in three shapes and weighted or non-weighted styles. Choose the style that perfects your silhouette like it was before surgery.

Specialty Forms

These breast forms can be used for swimming or other leisure/ athletic activity. These forms can be purchased as an alternative form so that their regular breast form does not get damaged in water. These forms are durable and come with a one year warranty against manufacturing defects.