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Easy Grip Utensils are used to help people with weak grasp or minimum wrist or finger movement. They include a wide range of spoons, forks, knives, etc. with special shapes and features. Their unique construction makes it easier for the users to hold the utensils and eat food on their own. This makes users independent and increases their confidence. HPFY provides easy grip kitchen utensils including weighted utensils, adaptive dinner sets, soft grip utensil sets, foam tubing for better gripping and many similar items. These products are manufactured by some of the top-selling names of the industry like Medline Industries, Essential Medical, Maddak, Patterson Medical, etc.

When are Easy Grip Utensils needed?

Physical disabilities can interfere with the routine activities of users like eating. These physical limitations can make eating a difficult task and some people may even lose their interest in eating. As a result they can suffer from loss of appetite and malnutrition. Some conditions which make holding utensils difficult and eating independently troublesome for people are as follows:

Various physical disabilities can make the necessary hand movements almost impossible. Using easy grip utensils can help. Larger handles of eating utensils are easier to hold even by elderly people and those with reduced grip. Weighted utensils can help stabilize shaking for people who have had a stroke. These adaptive and easy grip utensils make mealtimes more enjoyable, thereby helping users to stay healthy and well-nourished. With the use of such utensils, dining and drinking no more remains a hectic and tedious task.