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What is a No Touch Catheter?

The no-touch catheter is designed to be inserted into the urethra without touch by the user’s hand. These are usually closed system catheters or hydrophilic catheters and offer a more comfortable and sterile self-catheterization without the risk of contamination from the hands. The pre-lubricated catheter is housed within a collection bag, eliminating the need to drain the urine into a receptacle or toilet.

Touchless Intermittent Catheter Kit Features

What does the Touchless Catheter Kit Include?

A touchless catheter kit typically contains the following items:

Benefits of No Touch Catheter

Reduces chances of bacterial contamination

The touchless catheter has a sterile and pre-lubricated catheter with an introducer tip on one end. The catheter passes through this tube into the bladder. Usually, the infection-causing microbes are located near the urethral entrance, and the introducer tip serves as a barrier that prevents the catheter from coming in contact with these bacteria. This significantly reduces the chances of catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs).

Allows for sterile self-catheterization

Touchless catheter kits have everything one needs to catheterize hygienically in an all-in-one sterile package. Additionally, they contain insertion supplies like sterile gloves and antiseptic wipes. Your fingers will never have to touch the catheter tube during the entire process. Several clinical studies concluded that a touchless catheter could contribute to fewer sterility errors during self-catheterization.

Offers convenience and portability

As the no-touch catheter comes with a collection bag, there is no need for a liquid receptacle or toilet when emptying the bladder. It is great for use on the go and can be used anywhere with privacy. One can self-catheterize independently right from the wheelchair.

Where to buy Bard Touchless Catheter Kits online?

Health Products For You offers closed systems catheter kits from Bard, the most experienced name in urology, for a comfortable and sterile intermittent self-catheterization. Try our top-selling no-touch catheter, Bard Touchless Plus Unisex Intermittent Catheter, which helps reduce the risk of UTIs and the risk of cross-contamination. Shop now and save big on every purchase.

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