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What is Urostomy?

A urostomy is a surgical procedure where the surgeon creates an opening in the abdominal wall, called a stoma. A piece of the intestine is used to redirect urine from the ureters through the stoma. A urostomy is needed when the bladder is diseased or not functioning properly. During the surgery, the bladder is either bypassed or completely removed. After the surgery, urine flows out of the body through the stoma.

What is the most common Urostomy Procedure?

When is a Urostomy necessary?

Urostomy surgery is performed when certain conditions cause serious bladder problems. Bladder cancer is often the reason for a urostomy. For bladder cancer, the treatment option may be to remove all or part of the bladder and divert the urine by doing a urostomy. People with bladder problems often cannot control the flow of urine and are incontinent. Incontinence can be quite stressful. Many people find it easier to manage a urostomy than live with a defective bladder. The most common reasons for urostomy are the following:

What is a Urostomy Pouch?

A urostomy pouch is a special bag that is worn on the abdomen to collect the urine that flows from the stoma. The urostomy pouch has a drain valve at the bottom that allows emptying the pouch as needed. It is good to empty the pouch when it is about one-third to half full of urine. At night time, a flexible tube can be connected to the drain valve of the pouch to allow urine to flow into a bedside drainage unit.

Features of Urostomy Pouch

Types of Urostomy Pouches?

Urostomy pouches come in several different styles and sizes, including one-piece, two-piece, pre-cut, and cut-to-fit. You can also choose from a convex or flat ostomy wafer. A urostomy bag can be made from transparent or opaque materials. An ostomy nurse can assist you in choosing the best one for your situation and lifestyle.

One-Piece Urostomy Poucht

One-piece urostomy bag has a built-in skin barrier that fits firmly around the stoma. When the bag is removed, the barrier also comes off. A 1-piece system is ideal if you want a simple, easy-to-use, discreet, non-bulky pouching system. Coloplast SenSura Xpro One-Piece Convex light Extended Wear Urostomy Pouch is a one-piece pouching system that features a unique double-layer adhesive for maximum security.

Two-Piece Urostomy Poucht

In a Two-piece system, the pouch is separate from the skin barrier. Two-piece ostomy pouches can be bulkier than a one-piece, but the main benefit is that the bag can be removed without removing the skin barrier. This means that there would be less stress on the peristomal skin. Hollister New Image Two-Piece Ultra-clear Urostomy Pouch is a two-piece pouching system that consists of four layers of odor-barrier and a rustle-free film that is soft and silent.

Pre-Cut Urostomy Pouchest

Pre-cut urostomy bags come with a round hole in the skin wafer for the stoma to fit in. There are several sizes available to accommodate your stoma, and no cutting is needed before application. This type of ostomy wafer is best suited for people who are completely healed and whose stoma is evenly round or of standard size. ConvaTec ActiveLife One-Piece Convex Pre-Cut Transparent Urostomy Pouch comes with a pre-cut Durahesive skin barrier that gently swells up and hugs the stoma, better protecting the skin around the stoma.

Cut-to-fit urostomy poucht

Cut-to-fit urostomy bag comes with a flange with a small hole in the center. The hole can be cut further into the required shape and size. Cut-to-fit skin barriers work well for those who have an irregular-shaped stoma or for new ostomates. Coloplast Assura Soft One-Piece Maxi Flat Standard Cut-to-Fit Transparent Urostomy Pouch has an erosion-resistant ring within the adhesive that gives the skin additional protection from the corrosive effects of urine.

How to empty the Urostomy Bag?

The urostomy pouch has a spout at the bottom, so it can be emptied as needed. Since bacteria can grow quickly in urine, it is essential to empty the pouch at regular intervals. Additionally, if there is a lot of urine in the bag, it can damage the pouch seal. So, it is recommended to empty the pouch when it is about 1/3 to 1/2 full.

Things to remember while using a Urostomy Pouch

Where to buy Best Urostomy Pouches online?

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