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What is a Sacroiliac Belt?

The sacroiliac belt is a supportive brace that helps in reducing pain and inflammation and restores function. This simple yet effective device has been designed to support the sacroiliac joints to regain their natural movement. The Sacroiliac Belts contour to the body for a plush & comfortable fit. They have been designed to support the sacroiliac or hip joints and helps hip regain their natural movement. These special belts are made of soft, breathable fabric and are comfortable to put on. They are effective in relieving backpain. Additionally, its design is wider at the pelvic bone for even pressure distribution that makes it comfortable to wear for long duration. This reduces pain and also prevents excessive movement.

Sacroiliac joints are located where the sacrum and ilium meet. The sacrum is the triangle-shaped bone near the bottom of the spine. The connection between the sacrum and the right and left iliac bones forms the SI Joints.

The Sacroiliac dysfunction is a condition that results from degeneration of the SI joint resulting in lower back pain. Predominantly, the pain is due to excessive movement of the joints. But these joints are not designed to move a lot. Pain from SI joint dysfunction can be felt anywhere in the lower back or spine, buttocks, pelvis, groin, or sometimes in the legs. Chronic pain in the SI joint debilitates to perform daily activities and hamper every aspect of life. SI belts come as a relief to those patients. People who have a birth defect like Spina Bifida or those who have recently incurred a spinal injury are often recommended to use SI Belts.

We at HPFY offer high-quality, non-slip belts with rigid support to the joints from Chattanooga, Core Products, Otto Bock and many more manufacturers.

How do Serola Sacroiliac Belt work?

The pelvic belt is specifically designed to wear on the hip and pelvis. When the belt is worn correctly, it will support the ligaments that have been injured or loosened. It decreases the joint's stress and promotes the pelvis's alignment, thus helping to regain the joints' natural movement. They mitigate pain, improve load transfer, and increase joint stability.

The Serola New Sacroiliac Belt provides the correct balance of resistance and resilience which re-establishes the normal motion of the joints. The additional elastic layer provides compression and helps maintain correct posture.

Why to wear a Sacroiliac Belt?

There are several reasons to wear a SI belt like the Core CorFit Sacroiliac Back Support Belt which is designed specifically to relieve instability and painful stress of the pelvis and sacroiliac joints. Some of them are listed below -

  • The belt provides support and stabilizes the sacrum by comfortably squeezing together these major weight-bearing joints during healing.
  • It aids in reduction of unnecessary stress and tension on muscles
  • It enhances your regular functioning performance.
  • It improves your posture.
  • It is helpful in rehabilitation after an injury or a surgery.
  • It helps in regaining hip movement.
  • It reduces all kinds of joint pains.
  • It comes in all sizes and shapes for you to choose from.

Maternity Sacroiliac Pelvic Belts At HPFY

HPFY offers best maternity belts for SI joint pains. Some the best products in that line is the Sammons Preston Maternity Sacroiliac Belt, constructed of durable canvas with cotton web straps. Its contoured elastic panel conforms to the natural contour of the stomach. It comes with hook and loop closures with two-inch wide expansion straps.

Where can I buy Sacroiliac Belts?

Health Products For You has a collection of SI Belts of different sizes and shapes for our customers to choose from. You can explore our catalogue and pick the best sacroiliac belts for you and your loved ones. We offer top-quality Orthopedic products like Chattanooga Sacroiliac Belt that has the ability to contour to the body for a plush, comfortable fit. It conforms to the natural contours of the pelvis and provides rigid support to the SI joint needs. 

Our another top selling product, the Aspen Evergreen 621 SI Belt utilizes a bi-lateral pull system that provides maximum compression without the spinal rotation that can occur with a single pull tab system. Both these products are priced reasonably to fit into your budget. Try them now.

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