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Skinclosure strips, also called wound closure strips or steri-strips aresurgical tape strips, porous in construction, that are used to closesmall wounds. These strips are usually applied across the lacerationsuch that it pulls the surrounding skin on either sides of the woundtogether. Skin closure strips can be used instead of sutures in somecases as they are more convenient to care for and also reducescarring. HPFY brings to you skin closure strips from 3M at greatdeals and best prices.

Uses of Skin Closure Strips

  • Wound closure strips are mostly used in areas of musculoskeletal movements like joints or in highly contoured areas or in areas where swelling, hematomas, edema or bloating may occur.

  • They also provide support to the wound support post suture or staple removal

  • Wound closure strips may be applied along with a special adhesive used to secure the wound. 

  • Steri-Strips aid in preventing maceration.

  • They also present a low chance of infection than other wound closure techniques like sutures or staples.

Types of Wound Closure Strips:

  1. Reinforced skin closure strips: These are sterile wound closure strips made of a non-woven, porous backing and reinforced with polyester filaments for additional strength. Reinforced skin closure strips like the 3M Steri-Strip Adhesive Skin Closure Strips are coated with a hypoallergenic and pressure-sensitive adhesive.
  2. Non-reinforced Sterile Blend tone skin closure strips: These closure strips are made up of a porous, non-woven backing, and are light beige in color. These strips are coated with a pressure sensitive, hypoallergenic adhesive and easily blend the natural skin tone like the 3M Steri-Strip Blend Tone Skin Closures. They are mostly preferred on areas like the face or arms where a cosmetically pleasing appearance is required.

Where to buy Best Wound Closure Strips online?

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