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Cold therapy also commonly referred to as cryotherapy is the process of applying a cold pack over the area of pain and inflammation. Cold therapy has been used for ages to treat swelling and pain. Cold therapy packs come in a wide variety of shapes sizes and styles to accomplish different purposes. It is a handy option to provide first aid in case of injuries. When cold therapy is applied to the injured areas it shrinks the blood vessels and therefore keeps the blood or fluid from pooling in the area of injury. These packs are easy to apply and are hustle free. Find here all purpose cold packs or those designed for specific areas. Browse our range of cold therapy packs today!

How do Cold Packs Work?

Cold packs are generally filled with a gel like substance that cools down at a fast rate and remains cool for a long period of time. These packs are reusable a number of times and they are not messy. In order to prevent frost bites or chapped skin it is best to place a towel between cold pack and the skin to reap the maximum results. Cold therapy can be used in case of

Uses of Cold Therapy Packs

  • Runner's knee 
  • Tendonitis 
  • Sprains 
  • Arthritis pain 
  • Post hip or knee replacement surgery 
  • To alleviate pain or swelling under casts and splints 
  • Lower back pain

It is believed that cold therapy helps in reducing inflammation that is associated with pain and reduces pain sensitivity. Managing pain around joints and tendons becomes easier with ergonomically shaped cold packs. It is advisable to apply cold packs to affected area for not more than three times a day or as suggested by your physician. At HPFY we have a wide range of cryotherapy products including standard gel cold packs, foot and ankle wraps, knee wraps, ankle and elbow wraps, shoulder wraps, finger wraps, phase change packs, wrist wraps, back braces, ice bags, cervical wraps, hip pad (like Breg Intelli-Flo Cold Therapy Hip Pad or Breg Polar WrapOn Cold Therapy Knee Pad) and much more from top manufacturers including Breg Incorporated, Medline Industries, DJO Incorporated at best prices and attractive discounts.