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What are Tracheal Tubes?

Tracheostomy involves creating an artificial airway in a patient and inserting a tracheal tube through the stoma and the windpipe into the lungs to provide respiratory care. Trach tubes have three essential components – outer cannula, inner cannula and obturator. Also, there are three options in trach tubes to choose from-trach tube with cuff, uncuffed tracheal tubes and fenestrated trach tube. They are available in various sizes to allow the most comfortable fit. At Health Products For You, you will find high quality tracheal tubes and tube holders that help keep tracheal tubes in place thereby reducing the discomfort.

How Do Tracheal Tubes Work

Tracheostomy tube is meant to provide an alternative airway for breathing. It offers long-term ventilation and manages tracheal or bronchial secretions. A trach tube keeps secretions thin so as to prevent build-up of mucus plugs and facilitate comfortable respiratory therapy. It is inserted through the artificial opening made in the throat and inserted into the windpipe or trachea to open the restricted airway. The tube may be hooked up to a ventilator if the patient needs assisted breathing. It is then tied around the neck with the help of a trach tie or trach collar to keep it in place. Sometimes, valves are attached to the tube to allow speech by redirecting air flow.

What Are Tracheostomy Tubes Made Of?

Generally, tracheostomy tubes are made of plastic to provide maximum flexibility. There are tracheal tubes made of polyvinyl chloride which turns soft on coming into contact with the body temperature.You will also find trach tubes made of silicone which is soft and conformable. Then there are metal trach tubes but these are not very common and are available only in the uncuffed variety. Plastic and silicone are more commonly used for trach tubes because they are lightweight as well as allow minimum secretion crusting. The Portex Bivona AireCuf neonatal tracheostomy tubes are made of silicone which remains soft and flexible in the trachea. These pediatric trach tubes are soft and designed to be flexible and tender on babies’ tracheas.

Components of a Tracheostomy Tube

Trach tubes are available in dual cannula or single cannula types. A double cannula tracheostomy tube has two cannulas – inner and outer. Your selection will depend on your requirement. For infants and children, only single cannula is used and usually the cuffless variety.

Types of Tracheostomy Tubes

There are two basic types of tracheostomy tubes – cuffed and uncuffed. A third less common type is fenestrated.

Cuffed Trach Tubes

Cuffed trach tubes are generally used for patients on a ventilator or for those who have difficulty swallowing. A cuffed tube is balloon- or barrel-shaped at the far end of the tube which, when inflated, blocks the airway to prevent air leaks and provide a seal. It directs the flow of air into the trach tube to provide complete ventilation. A cuffed tracheal tube also prevents the downward movement of secretions. The cuff is inflated with air, foam or sterile water through a device which is positioned outside the body. Cuffs can be low-pressure cuffs, high-volume cuffs, foam cuffs and tight-to-shaft cuffs. The Shiley Reusable Low Pressure Cuffed Tracheostomy Tube has a high-volume, low-pressure cuff to reduce the risk of tracheal damage.

Uncuffed Trach Tubes

Cuffless trach tube is suitable for those who are not on a ventilator. It allows some airflow around the tube which makes speech possible. Damage to tracheal wall is also prevented with cuffless tracheal tube. The Covidien Shiley disposable inner cannula tube is a cuffless, fenestrated tube designed to bypass upper airway obstructions and provide long-term ventilation.

Fenestrated Trach Tubes

Fenestrated trach tubes have an opening just above the cuff allowing the patient to breathe normally through the upper airway when the external opening is blocked. In a fenestrated tracheostomy tube, air flows upwards and through the vocal cords. Speech and cough is also possible through the mouth. There is also low risk of granulation tissue formulation. The Portex Blue Line is a fenestrated cuffless tracheostomy tube that conforms to the individual patient’s upper respiratory tract at body temperature.

Tracheostomy Care Instructions

It is generally recommended to change the tracheostomy tube once a week because it gets coated with dried secretions. This allows for hygienic care for your tracheostomy. Our collection of tracheostomy tubes includes products from top brands like Shiley, Provox, Portex, etc. We also carry tracheostomy tube holders which are comfortable and non-irritating on the skin. These allergy-safe trach collars limit movement of the tracheal tube. You can fix the tube holder in quick, easy steps using adhesive tapes, foam fabric, fastener tabs or Velcro closures.

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