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Pivotal therapy is used to treat soft tissue issues related to all spinal areas. This therapy is generally used by physical therapists, chiropractors or massage therapists to re-posture the spine and other soft tissues. Though pivotal therapy takes time in re-posturing the effects of the therapy can be seen quickly. The increments in therapy must be done in a progressive manner. Such a practice will help your body to relax and strengthen your muscles. It will also help in maintaining a proper spinal alignment. Pivotal therapy components are designed to address different problem areas of the spine. Find here equipment designed to aid pivotal therapy sessions helping you to attain a proper posture and relief from back problems.

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Pivotal therapy products are used together to treat the entire spine. Pivotal therapy is great in releasing spinal stress, tension and correct abnormally sustained postures. At HPFY we have a range of acupressure and pivotal therapy equipment for treatment of spinal alignment problems. Acupressure therapy products are good for treatment of fatigue, nausea, vomiting, depression, migraine etc. These products stimulate pressure points that correspond to different organs, sensory feelings and emotions. You will find in our range point inducers, walking exercise therapy, heatable acupressure back roll, cervical pivot, and thoracic pivot. Buy high quality products form top manufacturers like Magister Corporation, Buckingham, Dr. Cohens Acuproducts, Fitter International and North Coast Medical for best results. Buy products at best prices and attractive discounts on HPFY!