Knob And Tap Turners

Knob and Tap Turners are designed to help people who have poor grip due to certain conditions like arthritis. They make it possible for users to turn knobs and taps with great ease and minimal effort. These turning aids are a great help for elderly and disabled people with limited grip. Health Products For You offers a wide range of knob and tap turners like Freedom Gas Cap Wrench, Long Stove Knob Turner, etc. from top-selling manufacturers like Freedom Distributors, Parsons ADL Inc and many more.


Benefits of using Knob and Tap Turners

  • Knob turners help in easy turning of knobs 

  • Tap turners make turning taps effortless 

  • Help overcome the limitation of weak grip 

  • Easy to use and effective household aid 

  • Big easy to grip handles