Overbed Tables

For people who are limited to their beds for long stretches of time, overbed tables provide a comfortable way to eat, read and write. They provide easy access to items and devices which are often used while in bed without getting out from the cozy covers. These tables are generally used for keeping laptop, phone, food, drink and book in easy reach of the users. Overbed tables for hospitals are used to position eating trays over the bed. Many, including the elderly, handicapped, disabled as well as healthy people find overbed tables very handy. At HPFY, we offer a wide range of overbed tables from various top-selling manufacturers like Amfab, Drive Medical, Medline Industries, Clinton Industries, etc.

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Benefits of Overbed Tables

There are various benefits of using overbed tables. Some of them are stated below:

  • Easy Recovery from Surgery: Surgeries like knee or back surgery stuck the people in bed, making it difficult for them to move and enjoy their routine life. It is important during the recovery stage that people feel as comfortable as possible both physically and mentally for faster healing. In such cases, overbed tables prove to be useful as they provide a convenient space for carrying on majority of daily activities like reading, eating, working on laptop, and storing books and magazines, etc. 
  • Work as a Standing Desk: Overbed tables can also work as standing desks. Standing desks help burn calories, reduce back pain and lower blood sugar levels as compared to sitting down desks. Moving on to hospital overbed tables for working can provide all above mentioned benefits. For a break, user can adjust the table height for use over a chair. 
  • Ideal for Challenging Environments: Overbed tables are generally constructed of wood, metal and other durable materials. These durable materials help the overbed tables hold up in high-use, challenging environments. They prevent peeling, scratching and rolling off of table surface. Overbed tables can be easily maintained using common cleaning products. 
  • Easy to Adjust: Overbed tables with adjustable settings make it easy for them to adapt to customized user needs. They can be raised to accommodate a hospital bed or lowered down to accommodate a patient sitting in a chair. There are trays that can be tilted and locked in place to provide more space to the users.
  • Useful During Pregnancy: Being on bed rest during pregnancy can sometimes be frustrating. The best way to survive bed rest is to keep oneself comfortable and busy with routine activities. Reading, eating, working on laptop, etc. can be done with great ease by using overbed tables. Their adjustable trays provide convenient space to store personal belongings within reach and maintain some independence. 
  • Quick and Easy Assembly: Simple and straight forward designs of overbed tables make them easy to assemble. Step by step instructions are included to eliminate the need for professional assemblers. Table pieces securely lock in place for efficient use and to ensure stability.

Usually, these tables feature a rectangular table-top and a four-wheeled base that slides under the bed. There are tilt options, right or left hand use adjustments, height variations, etc. to accommodate various user needs. Hospital overbed table with drawer provides an extra space for storing items that frequently come in use. Some of the popular overbed tables are Amfab Economy Overbed Table, Amfab Executive II Split Top Overbed Table, Drive Low Overbed Table, Invacare Tilt Top Overbed Table, etc.