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In order to check the capacity of lungs the Lung function tests are undertaken. These tests are used by medical professionals to check for asthma and its progress. It is important to monitor the asthma with lung function tests as it is difficult to tell just by physical symptoms whether the disease is under control or not. In general settings a certified technician or a doctor takes the test in an examination room with special devices designed for this test. Before taking the test you must consult the doctor for any precautions that you must take like adjustment in medications, avoiding heavy meals, smoking or any irritants that may trigger the disease.


Medical devices called the spirometer is the most common test used for asthma monitoring. It is quick, simple and painless way to check our lungs and airways. Patients need to take a deep breath and then exhale into a hose which is attached to the spirometer. The device then records how much air your lungs can blow out i.e. the forced vital capacity (FVC) and how quickly i.e. forced expiratory volume (FEV). If you get low readings it may be because your lungs are swollen or constricted due to a respiratory disease. In order to get to the best result you may need to blow in the device several times. The doctor may also require you to take certain medications before and after spirometry to test the results of the medication. Try the Voldyne 2500 mL Incentive Spirometer, AirLife Volumetric Incentive Spirometer for the best and accurate results.

Peak flow meters

Peak flow meters are also used for testing how well your lungs can push out or blow air. A peak flow meter is a handheld device made up of plastic with a mouthpiece at one end to breathe through. You may be required to keep track of the readings for monitoring the disease. A peak flow meter can be helpful for you to test the reasons that worsen your respiratory illness or asthma and also whether the medications are working or not. It can also tell if you need emergency medical attention. These devices are not as effective as spirometers but can prove to be a good way of monitoring your disease at home.The Monaghan TruZone Peak Flow Meter consumes a minimal amount of space but is very effective in keeping regular lung performance records.

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