Incontinence Clamps

Incontinence Clamp or penile clamp is a small device that is worn externally on the penis to treat male incontinence. For men who suffer from incontinence, it becomes very difficult to stick to their active lifestyles. Some may even find that incontinence pads and diapers hamper their routine movements. To such situations, penile clamp for incontinence becomes the best alternative. It is very effective in controlling urine incontinence without obstructing the active lives of users. At HPFY, you can find a variety of penile compression devices including products like Bard Cunningham Penile Clamp, Bard Zipser Model Penile Clamp and many more.


How do Incontinence Clamps work?

Male incontinence clamps are worn around the penis the block the urine flow. They apply gentle pressure to the top of the penis and urethra. This slight pressure controls the bladder leakage without affecting the blood circulation in penis. The penis clamp is required to be released while urinating to allow the flow of urine into the toilet or urinal. It can be worn comfortably during day and night. But it is important to remember that the clamp should be released every 2-3 hours to prevent bladder overfilling.

When is a Penile Clamp used?

An incontinence clamp will work well in the following situations: 

  • For active men who need a discreet product for incontinence 

  • For preventing urine leakage for a specific period like while doing exercise 

  • Stress urinary incontinence 

  • Occasional urine leakage 

  • Preventing urine leakage is more important than containing it 

  • There is a normal feeling in your penis 

  • You can remember to release the clamp every 2-3 hours