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The portable suction device aids in suctioning mucous from the lungs. A complete apparatus used for suction therapy consists of several parts and accessories. These suction therapy accessories are essential for the proper functioning of the suction catheter. Health Products For You brings to you a huge catalog consisting of tubing kits, bacteria filters, canisters, and much more from top brands like Cardinal Health, Covidien, and Allied Healthcare, etc.

Accessories For Suction Machine

A portable suction machine generates negative pressure channeled through a single-use catheter. It is a plastic device that comes with a connecting tube. This negative pressure creates an effect of vacuum that pulls all types of secretions out of your throat. The secretion then gets collected in a collection jar called a canister. Along with a collection canister and suction catheter, one needs a few more accessories to carry out suction therapy. You can find these accessories at HPFY -

Mucus Traps

Mucus traps to aid in collecting trach cultures. Besides that, mucus traps are useful for various procedures such as testing. These traps can also be used to detect infections or to swell in the upper airway or throat. The mucus traps at HPFY are available in several sizes and shapes. You can explore and find the one that suits your needs the best.

Suction Canisters

The canister carries the secretions pulled out of the throat. It often facilitates protection from the overflow of fluids. The Bemis Suction Canister comes as a suction canister kit designed to meet high-volume collection and disposal needs. The equipment effectively filters aerosolized microorganisms and particulate matter. It features a positive shut-off valve that closes immediately when the fluid reaches the top, and a foam guard keeps the float valve securely in place to prevent premature shut-off.

Suction Filters

A disposable canister supports the usage of bacterial filters that help eliminate the chances of the aspirator and its accessories contamination. These filters protect from dust and dangerous gases also that can potentially cause damage to the machine.

Suction Tubings

Suction tubings are connected to an aspirator or catheter to pull out debris from within the lungs.

  • Connecting tubes— It connects the vacuum pump with the canister. One to keep in mind is that the tube should never contact the contents of the canister or collection jar. It may infect the tubes and make them unfit for further use.
  • Patient tubes — The patient tubing is attached to the tip of the suctioning device and carries the secretion to the collecting jar. The tubes need to be disposed of carefully after each suction session.

Once these components are gathered and connected, you can start the machine. You can either use the device in continuous or intermittent suction mode. You can also adjust the suction level to be sure of complete secretion.

Where to buy Suction Therapy Accessories online?

Make Health Products For You, your one-stop shop for all respiratory suction therapy needs. We offer the best quality easy-to-use suction therapy equipment from leading names such as Medline Industries, Kendall, Precision Medical Inc., and more. Browse through our collection and grab great respiratory suction machine accessories at the most affordable prices.

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