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What is a Coccyx Seat Cushion?

A coccyx cushion is a therapeutic cushion with a cut-out at the back that helps reduce pressure on the tailbone. The cushion heals the pain at the lower hips, discomfort in the coccyx, prevents bad posture, and helps sit comfortably. The pillow is made of high-quality memory foam that provides maximum support and cushioning to the tailbone, and it is ergonomically shaped for superior comfort of the user. These coccyx seat cushions can be put on most chairs. The coccyx cushion is useful to people with the following conditions:

Health Products For You offers an extensive range of coccyx seat cushions that are mindfully designed to reduce pressure on the tailbone and back. These versatile seat cushions can be used on many different seats like a home chair, office chair, car, wheelchair, etc. Please browse our catalog and have the best pick!

Benefits of Coccyx Cushion

1. Relieves tail bone pain and discomfort

Coccyx cushion is ideal for individuals who need to sit for long hours in front of the computer or work on a desk. The coccyx seat cushion relieves pressure from the base of the spine, thus alleviating discomfort and reducing tailbone pain. One can sit comfortably throughout the day.

2. Provides gentle support to the low back

The tailbone cushion made with superior-quality memory foam provides optimal support to the sensitive area at the bottom of the spine. A slight elevation in the back pushes the pelvis forward and places the tailbone in a comfortable position.

3. Improves posture

Sitting for an extended period can result in bad posture. The seat cushion helps prevent slouching and keeps one more aware of the posture.

4. Portability

The usage of this seat cushion is not limited to the home or office. It is lightweight, so it can be taken anywhere where one needs to sit down for a long time.

Buying Guide for Tailbone Cushion

1. Material

Material is an important factor while choosing a coccyx cushion. Normally memory foams and gel foams are used to make these cushions. Memory foam offers firm support and better air circulation to prevent sweat. Good quality foam cushion withstands wear and tear without compressing it and retains shape in any weather condition. Gel foam cushions provide optimum pressure relief, and they also help regulate body temperature making one remain cool on summer days.

2. Cover

It would be good to go for a cushion with a removable cover, which makes it easier to maintain the pillow as it can be removed and washed. The cover material should be breathable and good at controlling temperature. It is ideal for people who sweat a lot or need to drive for long hours.

3. Thickness

Cushions come in different levels of thickness and firmness. Choose the thickness that is ideal for the body type and health condition.

4. Size

Dimensions may play a role while buying a cushion. Measure the chair you will use it on and find a cushion that will fit in it.

5. Form

The most common forms of cushion are U-shaped, V-shaped, circular, doughnut, and square-shaped. They are designed to relieve the coccyx pain and reduce the pressure on the spinal cord. Some of the cushions are also shaped like wedges. Go for the one that best suits your needs and comfort level.

Best Coccyx Cushions At HPFY

  1. Drive Padded Swivel Seat Cushion allows an individual to turn up to 360 degrees. 
  2. Core Spine Saver Posture Wedge helps improve posture and restore and maintain correct ergonomic seating. It has a removable coccyx pad that makes this cushion comfortable for those with tender tailbones. 
  3. Hermell 6-Inch Supportive Hip Wheelchair Cushion provides ample room and thickness to support the hips post-injury, post-surgery properly, or using a wheelchair. 
  4. Essential Medical Gel Donut Cushion is designed to reduce pressure and promote pain relief for sitting in chairs, vehicles, wheelchairs. 
  5. Essential Medical Memory P.F. Sculpture Comfort Seat Cushion with Cut Out is designed to relieve pressure on the coccyx area.

Where to Buy the Best Cushion for Tailbone Pain Online?

HPFY brings you a wide assortment of high-quality and durable seat cushions of varied shapes and sizes to suit the user's unique needs. The tailbone pillows come to you from leading manufactures like Essential Medical, Mabis DMI, Complete Medical, and many more.