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Genairex Two-Piece systems are designed to ensure the highest level of comfort and flexibility. These ostomy pouches are discreet and provide the perfect fit for both your body and lifestyle. You can now enjoy the flexibility of two-piece ostomy systems in which the wafer and the ostomy pouch is connected via a flange system. The wafer and the pouch being two separate entities it is easier to change only the pouch while the wafer remains attached to the skin. Two piece ostomy pouches are designed such that they remain discreet and provide high level of comfort and reliability to the user. Take your pick on these reliable and high quality products at best prices on HPFY!

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Types of Genairex Pouching Systems

  • Drainable pouches
  • Closed End pouches 
  • Urostomy pouches 
  • Standard Wear Wafers 
  • Extended Wear Wafers

Features of Genairex Two Piece Systems

  • Easy stoma access  
  • Time required to change the pouch is reduced 
  • Stoma is protected by the flange 
  • You can use any type of ostomy pouch with Securi-T wafers

The materialused in Geniarex pouching systems is completely environmentally safe, light and durable. Wafers or skin barriers of Securi-T systems are low profile, discreet and very easy to use. These wafers connect with a gentle smoothing motion and are made up of high quality hydrocolloids. These wafers come with flexible attachments that provide great performance and increase wear time.

The comfort panel of Geniarex pouches is made up of soft cloth like material that is quieter, flexible and skin friendly. It is designed to move with your body while resting softly against your skin. At HPFY we have the entire collection of Geniarex Securi-T two piece systems to meet the needs of clinicians as well as patients. Try the popular pouches like Genairex Securi-T Two-Piece Opaque Closed End Pouch Without Filter, Genairex Securi-T Two-Piece Opaque Drainable Pouch With Belt Tabs or the Genairex Securi-T Two-Piece Opaque Drainable Pouch With Two Sided Comfort Panel with Securi-T barriers such as Genairex Securi-T Two-Piece Convex Extended Wear Pre-Cut White Skin Barrier Wafer or Genairex Securi-T Two-Piece Flat Extended Wear Cut-to-Fit White Skin Barrier Wafer and many more.