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American breast care is a renowned manufacturer of high quality, safe and durable breast prosthesis made up of silicone. These prosthesis are available in lightweight, standard weight and weighted styles. These forms also come in various shapes and sizes to meet your specific requirements. Silicone has been used since long for manufacturing breast prosthesis that offer a touch and feel of real breasts. At HPFY you will find all types of breast forms from ABC including the popular ABC 1044 Standard Triangle Breast Form,  ABC 10270 Flowable Back Triangle Breast FormABC 916 Leisure First Breast Form and many more at attractive prices and hearty discounts.

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Types of ABC Breast Forms

Standard Silicone

These breast forms closely imitate the natural breast tissue in weight and movement. They are translucent breast forms and can be worn inside a nicely fitted pocketed bra.

Lightweight Silicone

These forms are developed by combining lightweight materials with standard gel silicone. These breast forms are good to wear post-surgery when you are not prepared to carry much weight. These forms are 30 percent lighter than standard forms.

Air/Ultra-Light Silicone

These are ABC specials. They are even lighter than lightweight forms i.e. up to 45 percent lighter than standard silicone breast forms.

Massage Forms

These are special breast forms that offer therapeutic benefits as well. These forms have special channels on the back side of the breast forms that massage, cool and hug the wearer’s body. They provide a cooler alternative when compared to the standard breast forms.

Gel Back Breast Forms

These breast forms provide extra layer of security and comfort. The 100% gel back allows these forms to contour to the chest wall making them an ideal solution for women with irregular chest wall due to surgery.


Partial breast forms or breast shapers as they are commonly known these breast forms can add the required symmetry to your body. These forms are a perfect choice after a lumpectomy or breast reconstruction surgery.

Leisure & Swim

These breast forms are made to fulfill the post-surgical needs leisure and recreational needs especially for swimming. They can be worn inside any pocketed swimsuit to perfect your silhouette.

ABC breast forms are designed to have the perfect density that provide a flawless anatomical shape and a natural fit. Some breast forms have a soft skin like silicone backing for optimum comfort. Some forms provide a cooling and body hugging feeling to the user. ABC has a breast form for all your needs. Breast forms after surgery need to be light in weight and soft to fragile skin. ABC fulfils all these requirements. At a later stage weighted forms and silicone forms help to provide you with a great posture and figure. Try them out to discover yourself again!