Bed Rope Ladders

Bed Rope Ladders are especially designed for people with paralysis, arthritis, limited strength or general weakness. They help the users lying in bed pull themselves up into an upright position without any need for assistance. Once in the upright position, it gets much easier for the user to get out of the bed. Bed rope ladders can also be used as an easy aid for re-positioning the sleeping postures from one side to the other. These bed aids enable the users to live an independent life. HPFY offers bed ropes from renowned brands and manufacturers like Mobility Transfer Systems, Standers, North Coast Medical, Patterson Medical, etc.


Benefits of using Bed Ropes

  • Very simple yet very effective bed aid 
  • Helps the user to sit up in the bed 
  • Ideal for less mobile users 
  • Can also be used to adjust sleeping postures in bed 
  • Can be used with both single as well as double beds. 
  • Large, comfortable, easy to grip hand loops 
  • Helps in enhancing user independence 
  • Encourages the building up of strength 
  • Suitable for use with almost all bed types and sizes 
  • Installation of bed rope ladders is very simple 
  • Bed ropes are portable, light in weight and quickly attach to the legs or castors at the end of the bed. 
  • They install and remove in seconds without any requirement of specialized tools.

How to use Bed Rope Ladders?

  • Bed Rope Ladders are simple assistance device used for rising from the bed. 
  • They are attached to the bed frame or the foot of the bed with the help of a loop.
  • Hand grips/loops in the ladder for bed are used by the users to pull themselves up at their own pace.
  • There are a number of hand loops present to provide continuing support as the user moves a step ahead.
  • Hand loops remain open for easy grasping.
  • For more support, users can use bed rope ladders with transfer handles.