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Bedside Urine Drainage Bags Products At HPFY

Bedside Drainage bags are often larger than leg bags and are available in single use or reusable types. Single use drainage bags come with a tear-off portion or single-use tap that allow urine drainage, before disposal. Reusable Bags can be used for 5-7 nights before disposing them.

These bags are mostly held away from the body either on a floor stand or hanger that hooks onto the frame of the bed or chair. It is also possible to link them to a leg bag forming a system for overnight use. These are designed basically to provide additional capacity to last through the night or for patients who are confined to a bed or wheelchair. You can explore HPFY's varied collection of bedside drainage bags manufactured by the top brands of the industry such as CovidienBard Inc, Coloplast, Medline Industries and many more. They are specifically designed to keep you comfortable and stress free throughout the night.

What comes in a night drainage Bag?

A urinary drainage bag like the latex-free, unisex Bard Bardia Closed System Urinary Drainage Bag includes -

  • Sterile and disposable drainage Bag
  • Easy-to-drain outlet tube with clamp and tube holder
  • Swivel hanger or hook & loop cloth strap
  • Anti-reflux chamber

How to clean a Bedside Drainage Bag?

The constant use of night catheter bags lead to odor, bacterial growth, and deposit buildup which can perturb your perineal skin health. Here is how to clean an overnight catheter urine bag -

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before starting the process.
  • Empty the bag into the toilet and rinse the bag with cold water twice.
  • After putting cold water inside the bag, shake it rigorously for about 20 seconds and drain the water into the toilet.
  • Now, add 2 parts of vinegar into 3 parts of water. Use this mixture to thoroughly cleanse the overnight catheter bag.
  • Let the pouch dry before using it again.
  • Clean your urine bag along with other drainage bag accessories like urine bag support and bag covers every once in a while to eliminate the chances of any infection.

How often should I change a Night Drainage Bag?

The night drainage bags such as the Covidien Bedside Drainage Bag, which comes with a Mono-Flo Anti-Reflux Device must be changed once every month, if they are cleaned regularly. But if it appears dirty or smells pungent, you should immediately change it.

Where can I buy Urinary Night Drainage Bags?

Health Products For You is always ready to serve you the best quality Urological Products at the most affordable price range. We offer our customers a huge collection of Bedside Drainage Bags to choose from. These urine bags are fashioned by trusted brand names like Kendall, AMSure, and B.Braun etc.

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