Suture Removers

HPFY brings to you a range of sterile instruments, trays and kits for removing surgical sutures and staples. Scissors and tweezers style staple removers help in fast and easy removal. Find here cost-effective products from well-known makers like Dynarex, 3M, Cardinal Health and Covidien that help you carry out medical procedures with efficiency and protection from external contamination.

Suture/Staple Removal Process

  • Hand hygiene should be the first step before you begin any medical procedure
  • Then the wound is cleaned with an antiseptic liquid or wipes in order to remove loosened scar tissue and the encrusted blood.
  • In case of sutures a pair of sterile forceps (tongs or pincers kit) like the Dynarex Suture Removers are used to pick each of the knots of sutures, following which a small surgical blade or scissors are used to cut the suture. Forceps remove the loosened suture by pulling the thread from the skin.
  • In case of staples the medical professional will back out each staple with a remover like the Sterile Skin Staple Remover from Medline. A gentle pressure is applied to the handle that bends the staple, resulting in straightened ends of the staple so that it can be removed from the skin. The patient may feel a little pinch or slight pull.
  • These almost painless steps are undertaken until all the sutures or staples have been removed. The wound is cleansed again.
  • Adhesive strips are then placed on the wound in order to allow it to continue strengthening.
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