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Household aids are designed for people with limited mobility, flexibility or dexterity. These limitations make it difficult for people to transport items, open doors, hold devices and work in kitchen. Disability supplies help in assisting these people with daily household activities around the house. These handy gadgets offer extra leverage to make it easier for user to perform. They encourage and enhance independent living.

Different Types of Household Aids

Carts, Trolleys & Stools

Carts, trolleys and stools are designed to be used in most institutional and household surfaces. Carts and trolleys transport items from one place to another. Stools offer a rigid surface to sit and take rest.

Device Holders

Device holders are used to hold devices without causing any strain to the fingers, hands, back and shoulders. There are different types of device holders available like phone holders, utensil holders, key holders, bag holders, etc.

Furniture Raisers

Furniture raisers, as the name suggests, are used to raise the height of furniture so that it is easy for the user to get in and out of it. They make daily activities easier and safer for the users.

Non-Slip Products

Non-slip products are suitable for one-handed activities. They firmly hold on to the surface and prevent the chances of slipping. They include plates, mixing bowls, glasses, office equipments, etc.

Activity Helpers

Activity helpers are designed for people with limited hand and arm function to assist in gripping, reaching and performing routine activities. They allow free movement and and help make users independent.

Daily Living Accessories

Daily living accessories make the routine life of physically challenged people easier and comfortable. These household aids include a variety of dish washers, mops, bathroom cleaners, etc. that maintain cleanliness and hygiene around the house.

Gripping & Turning Tools

Gripping and turning tools are especially designed for people with weakened grip. They allow the users to hold the keys and turn the knobs with greater ease and lesser efforts.

Where to buy Household Aids?

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