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What are Incontinence Underpads?

Incontinence underpads, also known as disposable bedpads, chux chair pads, are designed to be placed on sofas, chairs and beds to provide protection to the furniture from accidental leakage. They have an ultra-absorbent polymer core which offers maximum absorbency. These absorbent pads come in different shapes and sizes and display excellent absorbent quality along with moisture control. These incontinence products are comfortable and made of durable, high quality material which is gentle on the skin. Our incontinence underpads are from leading names in the industry including Medline, Covidien/Medtronic, Cardinal, Attends and Essential Medical.

Types of Bed Pads for Adults:

Disposable Underpads: These Underpads are super absorbent, comfortable, and convenient, packed with polymers that soak up dampness and turn it into a gel, keeping the top sheet nice and dry. They're single-use, and you'll never have to worry about extra laundry.

Reusable Underpads: An economical and environmentally friendly alternative, washable bed pads have a waterproof backing that keeps any surface completely dry. These are most suitable for people who don't want to keep buying underpads and don't mind extra laundry.

Buying Guide for Underpads or Chux Pads

Selection of Best Underpads depends on Following factors:

Absorbency Level of Waterproof Underpads

  • Selection of an underpad or chux will depend on the level of protection– light absorbency, medium absorbency, heavy absorbency and overnight absorbency. There are products for each level. Before buying an underpad, know the kind of protection you are seeking. In case you are looking for light absorbency protection, you might want to go for Attends Dri-Sorb You have the ability to choose the right material for the back sheet and the required size of the incontinence pad.  

  • To help you determine the protection level required and pick the exact absorbency degree, the outflow will have to be recorded. Stronger protection will mean an incontinence pad which can absorb greater volume of liquid without allowing leakage or overflow.  

  • More protection cannot be provided by adding extra layers below nor does a larger size make it more absorbent. The underpad’s core built-up has to be stronger. The leakage is contained by the absorbing polymer. So, the more the concentration of polymer in chux, the higher the volume of liquid it will hold. 

  • Our underpads and chux are breathable and with a waterproof, moisture barrier that keeps the furniture dry. They protect the skin from exposure to urine and are not too hot on the body. A breathable sheet keeps the skin dry and cool. The ultrasorb in the top sheet wicks moisture away from skin and the leak-proof backsheet protects surfaces from fluid. 

  • All four protection levels are available in both disposable underpads as well as reusable underpads.

Disposable or Reusable Underpads

  • Disposable underpads, also known as chux, can be used as incontinence protection for mattresses as well as for potty training pets. Theexample is McKesson Underpads. Disposable underpads from Attends, Cardinal and First Quality are popular buys.  

  • Reusable or washable incontinence pads can be washed and used multiple times. They are extremely cost effective. ReliaMed and Becks Classic are top makers of reusable underpads and chux.

Size of Waterproof Underpads

  • You must choose the size which will ensure no overflow. 

  • It is recommended that an absorbing underpad when spread on the bed should have around 6 to 10 inches of an extension around the body of the patient.  

  • This prevents leakage and ensure comfortable positioning. If the incontinence pad does not hold steady on the furniture and tends to fold up under the body then there is an option of chux with flaps.

Chux Material

  • The material used for the chux or underpads are soft and skin friendly. These include cotton, polyester, polymer, polyurethane, vinyl, polypropylene and polythylene. 

  • The reusable underpad from Essential Medical is a good example of a bedpad made of 100% cotton top sheet and a waterproof backing. 

  • The Assorted Colors Barrier Wave Underpads from Medline is 55% cotton and 45% polyester with a barrier which is in vinyl knit. 

  • The back sheets of Cardinal Health’s heavy absorbency chux have a polypropylene backing designed to provide strong protection to the user’s bedding. 

  • Most underpads use back sheets made of vinyl or polyurethane. The former is priced lower but polyurethane ones are cooler on the body and more breathable.

Selecting the right underpad is important to ensure it serves its purpose – of maximum absorbency, comfort and no overflow or leakage.

Where to buy Disposable Pads for Adults online?

Health products for you offers a huge collection of heavy duty disposable bed pads or underpads that help protect chairs, sofas, beds, and any other surfaces from getting damaged from bodily fluids. These super absorbent incontinence underpads are from leading manufacturers like Medline extrasorbs es 350 from Medline Industries, and Cardinal Underpads from Cardinal Health, McKesson, Essential Medical, and many more.

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