Penis Pumps: Do They Really Work?

Penis Pumps: Do They Really Work?

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Erectile dysfunction (ED) is real and more than 30 million men in America suffer from it to some degree or another. As we age, we do become more susceptible to it, but it is not necessarily a component of aging. There are numerous reasons younger men may experience ED and the causes can be temporary, lasting months or even years. Prostate surgery or radiation treatments can also cause erectile dysfunction. One treatment for ED is the use of penis pumps to achieve an erection. The question is: do penis pumps really work? The short answer is…yes. HPFY can give you the 411 on whether or not vacuum erection devices may be the right option for you.

How to use a penis pump?

How does a Penis Pump work?

In order to determine if penis pumps really work, we need to understand the concept behind their design. The main purpose of the penis pump is to help direct blood into the penis to achieve an erection and constrict blood flow in the penis after an erection is achieved. It seems simple, huh? Yes, erectile dysfunction is an uncomfortable topic, but it should be discussed with your doctor or urologist. There are basically two types of penis pumps to treat erectile dysfunction and they are:

  1. Standard Vacuum Pumps: By placing a plastic cylinder over the penis, a vacuum is created drawing blood into the appropriate area to achieve an erection. A constriction ring is then used to help maintain any results.
  2. Bathmate Water Pumps: These use basically the same concept, but instead of air they use a difference in water pressure to draw blood into the penis. These can be slightly more expensive but may be more comfortable for the user.

There are many penis pumps advertised all over the Internet, but you should consult your physician or urologist to be sure any model you choose is safe and appropriate for you. They can steer you towards the pumps that are made with medical-grade designs and safety features, such as a vacuum limiter which limits pressure and reduces the risk of injury due to over pressurization. Your doctor may even recommend specific manufacturers and models that he/she thinks may have a higher rate of success.

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Benefits of Erectile Dysfunction Pumps

There are several treatments for erectile dysfunction that can include oral drugs, injections into the penis, and implants. Unfortunately, these treatments can have side effects and can be costly. The use of penis pumps is the least invasive and can be used in conjunction with other treatments. Some of the benefits can include:

  • Effective: With practice and proper use, the majority of men can achieve a proper erection with a penis pump.
  • Less risk: Complications and side effects are lower than with other erectile dysfunction treatments.
  • Lower cost: Over time the initial cost of the penis pump is lower than that of other ED treatments, such as prescription drugs and implants.
  • Non-invasive: This method does not require surgery or injection of medication into the penis.

Penis pumps can even help achieve normal erectile function after certain procedures such as prostate surgery or radiation therapy. Even though penis pumps have the least amount of side effects, there are some to be aware of. Those on blood-thinning medications, such as Coumadin or Plavix, are at a higher risk of bleeding and those with sickle cell anemia or other blood disorders are at a higher risk of blood clots. Over pressurization can also injure your penis, so staying away from cheap models may be wise. Be sure to consult your physician before starting any erectile dysfunction therapy.

Erectile dysfunction is an uncomfortable subject that requires honesty and open dialogue between partners. Your urologist is specifically trained to treat this disorder and you should not feel awkward discussing this with him/her. The use of a penis pump can be your easiest and best bet, but communication and patience are paramount in its use.


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