ConvaTec Esteem Two-Piece

Convatec Esteem synergy two piece ostomy systems are designed with the innovative Adhesive Coupling (AC) Technology. In this technology a patented foam adhesive is used to attach the ostomy pouch to the skin barrier instead of the conventionally used rubber rings. The pouch is attached to a clear plastic landing zone or flange. This technology makes the two piece system low profile and flexible. The barrier or flange is attached to the skin with the help of stomahesive or durahesive technology designed especially to protect the fragile peristomal skin from breakdown. Esteem synergy pouches are ideal for young and active ostomates and do not hinder their daily activities. Here are some tips for active ostomates:

  • Do not forget to empty the pouch before exercising for best results.
  • Ensure that the wafer or barrier has been put on since at least an hour before performing any activity that may cause the barrier to get wet by water or perspiration.
  • Most of these pouches are resistant to water.
  • Before swimming do not forget to cover the vent on the deodorizing filter by a filter cover to avoid the water to enter the pouch.
  • Take the permission of your healthcare provider before getting into a sauna or a hot tub. Wrap a water resistant tape around the barrier to protect the adhesive and check occasionally.

HPFY brings to you the entire range of Esteem Synergy pouches along with the popular ConvaTec Esteem Synergy Two-Piece Urostomy Pouch With Accuseal Tap With Valve or the ConvaTec Esteem Synergy Two-Piece Right Side Drainable Pouch With InvisiClose Tail Closure and barriers like ConvaTec Esteem Synergy Two-Piece Convex Moldable Durahesive Skin Barrier and may more products to provide you with the quality and assurance that you require.

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