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Our line of mastectomy bras from American Breast Care (ABC) has an aesthetic appeal and stands out for its versatility and extensive comfort. Buying ABC mastectomy bras involves choosing from a wide selection. The front closure ABC mastectomy bra is luxuriously soft and gentle while there is so much fashion built into the lacy ABC mastectomy bra. When healing is complete, reduce the effects of edema and hematoma with our compression ABC mastectomy bra.

ABC Bra gives you the best leisure bras great for relaxation and casual leisure activities. ABC Bras Style 110 is a perfect example of coverage and support without discomfort. It is made with breathable cotton with pockets on both sides to accommodate most types of breast forms.

How to Measure for ABC Mastectomy Bra Size?

Measure for the Band Size of ABC Mastectomy Bras:

How to Measure for ABC Bra size

  • Circumference should be measured at Bra Band.
    • Measurement should be snug.
    • Patient should hold arms at sides or on hips while the circumference is measured.
  • Add either 4 or 5 inches to the measurement of circumference to achieve an even number.

American Breast Care Bra Fitting Tips for the patient who presents in a wheelchair

  • Some patients can stand even if they cannot ambulate
  • It would be easy to get measurements if patient can stand
  • If patient cannot stand, measurements can be taken while seated
  • If patient is seated, do not add extra measurements to the chest circumference

How to Measure ABC Bras Cup Size?

How to Measure for ABC Bra Cup size

  • Measure from the center of the sternum, over the apex of the natural breast, under the arm, to the center of the spine.
  • Measurement should be taut, not snug.
  • Double the measurement.

How to know which Breast Cancer Bras will work the best for you?

Every woman is designed differently. Regardless of how much you think you know about bras, it's always best to see how it fits on you. When choosing a bra three things should be given priority (mentioned below):

  • Comfort
  • Confidence
  • Ease of wear.

What's the difference between a Post-Mastectomy Bra and Regular Bra?

Inside the bra cup of post-mastectomy bras there are pockets, designed to hold breast prosthesis in place. They also help to allow for the extra weight of a silicone breast form. While in case of regular bras there are no specialized bra pockets present to hold the breast form in place.

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