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Button Aid and Zipper Pull are assistive devices that make dressing easier for people with arthritis and limited hand movement. They help elderly and disabled users with the process of dressing and increase their independence. Usually buttoning up a dress and pulling up a zip can be troublesome for people who can use only one hand. Button aid and zipper pull can solve this problem with their unique construction which is very easy and intuitive to use.

Button Aids

Button hook aid usually constitutes of a wire loop and a thick handle. Through the button hole, wire loop is pushed and looped over the button. Then it is pulled back through the button hole to fasten it properly. With practice it can become easy to use the button aid effectively, especially with one hand. It is more helpful if the button hole is on the more able side of the user and edges of the garment can be held steady.

Zipper Aids

Zipper pull is constructed with a hook at one end and a tab at other. Hook is engaged in the zip and tab is held by the hand of the user. It is then pulled up or down to zip or unzip the clothing. It is useful when user has difficulty gripping a standard zip or reaching a zip.

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