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Some breast cancer surgeries require nipple removal, leaving patients without natural nipples. Many survivors opt for nipple reconstruction surgery or nipple tattooing. However, nipple prosthesis is a simple and inexpensive alternative to those procedures and can help you regain confidence and feel comfortable in your skin. 

What are prosthetic nipples? 

Prosthetic nipples are artificial nipples that are used to replace nipples that have been removed due to a mastectomy or other medical procedure. They are typically made of silicone and are designed to look and feel like natural nipples.  

These adhesive fake nipples offer an immediate and affordable solution to restore body image after breast cancer surgery. They are worn after the surgical incision has healed. They are available in various colors and sizes to replicate the shape, color, and size of the remaining nipple if present.  

HPFY offers high-quality nipple prostheses in a variety of colors and areola features. They look real and stay on securely, becoming your new body image for showers, swimming, and sex. 


A nipple prosthesis is a good option if you do not want another surgery to make nipples. The custom-made nipple prostheses can be constructed to look like your existing nipple and areola. 

Features of nipple prostheses 

How to apply adhesive nipples? 

How to care for Silicone Nipples? 

FAQs on nipple prosthetics and nipple cream  

1. What are nipple covers? 

Nipple covers are small adhesive patches worn over the nipples to provide coverage and modesty. Women often use them to prevent their nipples from showing through clothing. 

2. How do I know when to change the nipple cover? 

Change the nipple cover once the adhesive turns dark brown and refuses to stick. 

3. Can we apply any skincare product before wearing the fake nipples? 

No, the area must be clean without any traces of chemicals. 

4. How long can I wear silicone nipples without feeling any discomfort? 

If the user has a silicone or adhesive sensitivity, they may encounter discomfort. However, if not, nipples can be worn all day long. 

5. Can I wear my nipple prosthesis when swimming? 

Wearing a swimming costume that is close-fitting and tight will help to keep the prosthesis in place. However, rigorous swimming may cause them to slip inside your costume. 

6. What is nipple cream?  

Nipple cream is a type of moisturizing cream that is specifically designed to soothe and protect the skin around the nipples. It is often used by breastfeeding mothers to help prevent and treat soreness and cracking of the nipples. 

Where to buy prosthetic nipples online? 

We at HPFY strive to keep you healthy and happy by bringing you nipple prostheses, nipple cream, and nipple covers from well-known manufacturers like Ardo USA, American Breast Care, Nearly Me, etc. 

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