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Adhesive nipples are ready-made silicone nipples that look and feel like real nipples for women after a mastectomy surgery. Nipples are available in sets and can be used for both unilateral and bilateral mastectomies. These nipples are available in various colors and sizes to replicate the shape, color and size of the remaining nipple if present. These nipple prosthesis are good to wear in a bath, shower or while swimming. These prosthesis helps you regain confidence and feel comfortable in your own skin. These prostheses must be worn after the surgical incision has healed. It is a simple and inexpensive alternative to a reconstruction surgery.

Benefits of Areola prosthesis

The survivors of mastectomy surgery are often stressed emotionally. Physical appearance also gets disturbed. Such a distress can have affect the life of the person to a great extent. Loss of appearance, confidence and intimacy can cause any woman to go through an emotional devastation. To help alleviating these stressful feelings prostheses play a great role. They eliminate the worry of going through another surgery along with providing the perfect shape and silhouette. Nipple prosthesis make you feel complete and confident about your body.

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We at HPFY strive to keep you healthy and happy by bringing to you prostheses like Classique 125 Silicone Attachable Nipples, Anita Care Nipple Set or ABC Nipple Prosthesis and many more from well-known manufacturers like AMERICAN BREAST CARE, AMOENA , NEARLY ME etc. at best prices. We also offer adhesive tapes and nipple covers for nipple minimization that offers a smooth finished look under clingy apparel.