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Bedroom aids are specially designed for elderly and people with various disabilities to help make their routine activities more easy and comfortable. They make bedroom a place of comfort and relaxation with easy getting up in the morning to easy going to bed at night. These bed mobility aids prevent the stressful experience of waking up, as now the users can turn to these bed aids to prepare themselves for the day ahead. Users can have a huge positive impact on their overall mindset by starting and ending the day well. At HPFY, there is a wide range of bedroom aids available from popular manufacturers like Drive Medical, Amfab, Medline Industries, Patterson Medical, North Coast Medical, etc.

Types of Bedroom Aids

Bed aids for the elderly include overbed tables, blanket cradles, bed rope ladders and leg lifters, which help in getting in and out of bed easily, perform daily activities and enjoy a restful sleep at night so that users wake up refreshed. Some of the popular bedroom aids are Drive Non Tilt Top Overbed Table, Sammons Preston Bed Pull Up, Essential Medical Adjustable Loop Leg Lifter, Mabis DMI Adjustable Blanket Support, etc.

Overbed Tables

Overbed Tables are used for eating, reading, working and recreational activities while in bed. They come in a wide range of weight capacities, styles, some with casters and some without casters. Some of these bedroom aids are also height adjustable. Users can select from a large selection of easy clean, tilting, split tops and bases to suit the room decor. Overbed tables make the lives of bed-bound people easier as they bring comfort and independence by placing the table over the bed as required for meals, reading and other recreational activities.

Blanket Cradles

Blanket Cradles are designed to keep the weight of blankets off the users’ body to help them protect the sensitive skin areas without compromising with warmth. They prevent the bedding from coming in contact with the damaged skin and allow the users to sleep in comfort. Bed blanket raisers are especially useful to help leg and foot wounds heal faster by stopping the bedding from irritating the area. They also prevent foot cramping and provide maximum comfort.

Bed Rope Ladders

Bed Rope Ladders are especially designed for users with arthritis, paralysis, general weakness or limited strength in sitting up and getting out of the bed. They increase independence of the users, help them in building upper body strength and enjoy the freedom of movement. Bed rope ladders are attached to the foot of the bed and help users pull themselves up into a sitting position.

Leg Lifters

Leg Lifters help people lift their legs on to or off a bed and become independent. They are usually made up of strong webbing with plastic inside that keeps them straight, so that the loop can be placed easily over the foot while lying in bed. Leg Lifters have a wipe clean vinyl coated surface to help fight cross-infection.