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What is a Portable Shampoo Bowl used for? 

Keeping hair and scalp clean is vital to a personal hygiene routine. But older adults, people confined to bed with mobility issues, and people with Alzheimer's and dementia, etc., find it challenging to carry out the basic hair care routine and need assistance. 

Fortunately, there are some handy hair-washing aids available such as a portable shampoo bowl that can assist in the hair washing of people with restricted movement and bed-bound patients. With the help of these aids, the patient can have a bath or hair wash without leaving the bed. 

HPFY offers lightweight and easy-to-use inflatable bathtubs, shampoo basins, hair-washing trays, and hair rinsers, which make hair washing simpler for the patient and the caregiver. 

Benefits of using an Inflatable Hair Wash Basin 

Types of Hair Wash Aids 

1. Inflatable Shampoo Basin 

It helps convenient in-bed shampooing for those who have difficulty reaching the bath or sink. This shampoo basin can be inflated orally or with the help of a pump. When deflated, it takes up very little space for storage. Also, it features a drain hose that efficiently removes soap suds and water from the basin to a drainage container. 

The inflatable hair wash basin comfortably supports and cushions the head and shoulders during the shampooing process and is perfect for those who are immobile or bedridden. 

2. Hair Washing Tray 

The hair washing tray is ergonomically designed to provide more comfortable and convenient hair washing for both patient and caregiver in a seated position, either in a chair or a wheelchair at the sink.  

The tray is contoured to fit the neck comfortably, rests on the individual's shoulders, and extends into the sink for ease of rinsing. The durable strap wraps around the user's forearm to stabilize the tray and prevent moving around. It has raised edges to allow the water to go directly into the sink without making any mess.  

3. Shampoo Funnel 

Shampoo Funnel is innovatively designed for people who cannot bend their head back due to back or neck surgery and prefer to have their hair washed in an upright position. The funnel is attached along the hairline with the Velcro closure positioned by the forehead. The water goes directly into the sink without making any mess. 

4. Hair Rinser 

This tray is used to wash hair, dress head wounds, or irrigate ears without moving the patient. The tray prevents wetting of the bed as the fluids flow directly into the bedside container. 

5. Inflatable Bathtub 

The inflatable bathtub is a specially designed bathtub that allows for a safe and convenient bathing experience for both the patient and the caregiver. It has all the necessary accessories to inflate, deflate, fill, and drain the bathtub. It is perfect for those who cannot get out of bed to have their bath. 

Hair washing for Bedridden Patients  

  1. Gather all the supplies for the hair washing.  
  2. Use an absorbent mattress protector to keep the bed from getting wet. 
  3. Fill a bucket with warm water. 
  4. Place the person’s head gently in the shampoo basin. 
  5. Scoop warm water to wet the hair and use a slight quantity of shampoo to wash their hair. Too much shampoo will make it difficult to rinse off. 
  6. Rinse the hair well. 
  7. Repeat the procedure if needed. 
  8. Remove their head from the basin. 
  9. Wrap a dry towel around their head and dry the surrounding skin. 

Where to buy a Portable Shampoo Bowl online? 

Health Products For You offers a wide range of hair wash aids that enable users to have rejuvenating hair wash on their beds or chairs. We deal with products from top manufacturers like EZ-Access, Maddak, Patterson Medical, Medline Industries, etc. Shop now! 

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How To Bathe An Elderly Person In Bed? 

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