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Low Vision Aids are designed for visually impaired or people with low vision to enhance their vision. They include magnifiers, talking devices and large print household items that provide the major magnification the user needs. These impaired vision aids are useful for readers, crafters or anyone who deals with small imprints and has difficulty seeing it. The choice of these low vision devices is dependent on many factors like light and glare needs of patients, type of vision loss, degree of loss, ability of patient to handle and operate the aid, etc. HPFY offers low vision aids from popular manufacturers like Bierley Associates, Clarix, North Coast Medical, Enabling Devices, etc.

Methods to Enlarge an Image

There are various methods by which an image can be enlarged to aid in low vision assistance:

  • Optical magnification – Using a lens or combination of lenses to magnify the object. 
  • Relative size magnification – Using large print books or televisions with larger screen to increase the size of the object. 
  • Relative distance magnification – Moving the object closer to the eyes and reducing the distance between object and eyes.

Types of Low Vision Aids

  • Hand-Held Magnifiers: Hand-held magnifiers are low vision magnifiers usually held in hand and used for reading. They can be moved to the area which needs magnification. 
  • Reading Glasses: Reading glasses help the users in reading small print. They come in single vision and bifocals designs. 
  • Video Magnifiers: Video magnifiers include a camera lens that is used to display magnified images on a computer screen or video monitor. Magnification, contrast, brightness and color of the display can be adjusted as per user requirements. 
  • Portable Electronic Magnifiers: Portable electronic magnifiers are held in front of any reading material to get a magnified view on the LED screen. 
  • Talking Items: Talking items like watches, timers, etc. give audible alerts to the users. 
  • Large-Print Techniques: Large print keyboards, books, playing cards, etc. increase the size of the object so that they are visible to users.

Low Vision Techniques

Use the below given techniques to help with the everyday tasks.

  • Increased Amount of Light: Lower watt light bulbs can be replaced with higher watt bulbs and more lamps can be added in lower-light areas to increase the amount of light. 
  • Reduced Glare: Adjust the lights to reduce the glare inside the house. Protect the eyes by wearing a wide hat or sunglasses outside. 
  • More Contrast: Increase the contrast inside the house. For example, a colored tablecloth having white dishes on it is contrasting. 
  • Use of Bold Tip Markers: When taking notes or making shopping lists, use bold tip markers because they are more visible.