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Daily living products help people with reduced mobility and flexibility to maintain their independence at home on a day-to-day basis. There is a wide range of assistive devices for those who find it difficult to perform personal tasks at home or outdoors because of limited limb functions. We have tools for those with reaching and grasping capabilities; supports for those with foot and knee disabilities. Also, there are kits for people who find it hard to bend at the hip or are visually impaired.

Choose from different types of reachers, talking watches, calculators and phones, grippers, writing aids, pill splitters, suction cups and many such similar aids to daily living from renowned manufacturers like Drive Medical, Medline, Essential Medical, Graham-Field, Maddak, North Coast Medical, Pets First, Mabis DMI and Mirage Pet Products. Our line of products covers all areas of concern and our health aid items assist in a multitude of activities including bathing, dining, eating, dressing, sleeping, reading and recreational. They promote patient independence and allow users to enjoy daily tasks without feeling inept. So whether you need rheumatoid arthritis aids for daily living, aids for the elderly, aids for the disabled or are taking care of a loved one… these items will ease out the stress of daily routine activities and help you overcome all challenges.

Bath Safety Aids

Bath safety aid products include specially designed tools to help in toileting and showering such as commode systems, transfer benches, shower benches and shower seats/stools, bidets, shower chairs/gurneys, bath lifts, etc. There are commodes with raised toilet seats to facilitate easy sit-down on a commode, inflatable bathtub/basin for convenient shampooing, grab bars (like Drive Clamp On Bathroom Tub Rail) and toilet safety rails designed for those who need support sitting down or standing up. All bath safety aids are from leading brands like Carex, Lumex, Guardian, Bio-Bidet, Grand Line, Swash, Nova, etc. Our variety in commodes is vast and includes ones with drop arm, folding, without armrest, with regular armrest, padded, plastic and more. Also available are options in seat height, weight capacity, width, depth and size.

Personal Care Aids

We offer high-quality personal care aids for nail, dental and oral care plus pill boxes with medicine organizers, crushers/splitters, devices to help with personal hygiene and much more. The section is really comprehensive with items to handle all situations. Read more about pill splitters and crushers here.

Writing and Reading Aids

Our head pointers and mouth sticks are very user-friendly and useful if you are looking for products to help you write and read. The telescopic mouth sticks are suitable for children starting from the age of five and can be used as a page-turner, keyboard, or screen typing device. These are devised for individuals with cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, neurological disorders or upper extremity disabilities. Check out the Levo book holders and page-turners and our Norco, Dr. Grip, and Touch Test writing aids.

Hearing and Listening Aids

The hearing and listening support section has useful devices to provide assistance to those with communication issues. We have assistive listening devices, amplified speaker phones, telecommunication and signaling devices, answering machine with slow speech, vibrating cell phone signaller and much more. Choose from an alarm clock with your preferred choice of alert ranging from lamp/light/strobe; vibration; sound or T3/T4 type. Health Products For You offers an assortment of hearing and listening aids from top manufacturers like Sonic Alert, Serene Innovations, Silent Call Communications, Clearsounds communications, Future Call Picture Phone, Bellman & Symfon, and many more.

Aids for Visual Impairment

Those with visual impairment will find our assistive tools useful to help those who are blind or have low vision. Find amplified phones with talk back numbers, alarm clocks with bed vibrator, smoke detectors with built-in transmitter.

Aids for Dining and Drinking

The dining and drinking assistive devices are useful for those with limited grasp and range of neck, head and arms movement. Divided plates with suction pad, spill-proof cups, feeding cups, sure grip tumblers, feeders and partitioned scoop dishes are available at great discounts. Also choose from easy-grip utensils, adjustable extensions utensils or grip curved utensils, foam padding utensils, in bendable fork with large handle as well as angled cutlery and plastic handle swivel spoon.

Bedroom Aids

Our daily living aids for seniors and aids for disabled which are for use in the bedrooms - like overbed tables for eating or writing while in bed, blanket cradles to keep blanket weight off your legs, bed rope ladders and leg lifters for pulling yourself up in bed - are innovative and user-friendly. Our overbed tables are sturdy and reliable. We also have overbed tables for the bariatric capable of supporting a weight capacity of up to 500 lbs.

Dressing and Grooming Aids

You can get assistance in dressing, too, with our supply of dressing and grooming aids such as dressing aids/sticks, elastic shoelaces, curly shoelace, easy-slide shoehorns, long handle comb and brush, zipper/button assistive tools plus hip and knee kits.

Kitchen Aids

If you need assistance in the kitchen, then we have ergonomically designed assistive devices for turning knobs and taps as well as easy openers to open utensils and cans. Need help with food preparation? There are one-handed cutting boards, food slicers, garlic keepers, flame snuffers, herb mincers as well as a multi-function food preparation board. We have all types of kitchen aids for the disabled, kitchen aids for arthritis sufferers and kitchen aids for stroke patients.

Reachers/Reaching Aids

If you suffer from stiffness and restricted flexibility, then our reaching aids will assist you in the kitchen and elsewhere with wire-driven jaws to get a secure hold on items. Our collection of reaching aids for the elderly and disabled is designed for those with limited range of motion and difficulty bending. These items allow easy reach into distant corners and hard-to-reach places. There are reachers with ergonomic handles and magnets, reachers with rotating heads, etc.

Sitting and Standing Aids

Those who suffer from some kind of a disability or are elderly and fragile will find our sitting and standing section quite attractive with their stand aid hoist. We have pivot stand turn device, security poles for bariatric and non-bariatric persons, super bars, seat assistive devices and curved grab bars.

Educational Aids

Educate yourself in hygiene matters and get to learn science with practical applications using our educational aids.

Recreation and Leisure Aids

Chill out with our ergonomically designed gardening tools in our recreation and leisure section. The user-friendly sports and outdoor equipment, adapted scissors for those without upper extremity use are among some of the special items available.

Household Aids

There are household aids for arthritis sufferers with devices for gripping and turning, furniture raisers, device holders and activity helpers. Non-slip items constitute and essential part of household aids for disabled.

Car and Travel Aids

Our user-friendly seat turning devices, seat belt helpers, car care packs, car transfer aids and car handles are appropriate for car aids for those with disabilities.

UV Protection

We also offer UV protection to those who are easily affected by sun exposure and need to avoid the sun rays' direct effect. Prevent sunburn, premature aging, eye and skin damage with our wide range of products like UPF 50 sun sleeves, swimwear, and sun-protection clothing for all ages. We have quality items from top brands like Kool Max, Ocean Potion, Cool Comfort, Cool58, Avene, No-Ad, CeraVe, and others. And our baby care section features diapers and wipes, sleepers and seating systems, as well as baby monitoring systems.

OTC Pharmacy

Over-the-counter medical items are also available in our OTC pharmacy including medical ID bracelet, sting and bite swab, antacids, laxatives and more.

Improve the quality of your life with our daily living aids and make living easy.