Straight Tip Catheters

A straight tip catheters is a tube that’s perfectly straight from top to bottom. The thin, flexible tube that’s used to empty your bladder has no curvature throughout— only a few holes at the end that aids in emptying your urine into the toilet. There are a range of different sizes of straight tip catheters. They also come in a variety of options that help address specific patient needs—i.e., coated or lubricated, allergen-free, latex, and more.
Straight tip catheters are easy to use and safe. Since the tip is perfectly straight, many people find that they’re fairly straightforward to insert. Straight catheters are inserted through the urethra and into the bladder. Urine flows through little openings called eyelets and exits through the catheter funnel. Once the bladder is empty, the catheter is carefully removed and thrown away.
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