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What is a Straight Tip Catheter?

As its name implies, a straight catheter is a type of intermittent catheter that is straight from end to end. It is a thin, hollow, flexible tube used to pass urine from the body and is often called an “in-and-out” catheter. They are usually made of PVC and are disposable, only used one time, and then thrown away. HPFY offers a range of different sizes of high-quality straight catheters. We also have catheters in various options that help address specific patient needs, such as coated or lubricated, allergen-free, latex, and more from leading manufacturers like Bard and McKesson.

Important Note!

If you have problems inserting a straight catheter, experience sharp pain, or feel like your catheter is stuck, talk to your health care provider and see if you should try a coude catheter instead.


Who uses a Straight Catheter?

Straight catheters are recommended for both men and women who cannot empty their bladder naturally. Some medical conditions requiring the use of straight catheters could be:

Parts of a Straight Tip Urinary Catheter

There are two parts of the straight catheter: insertion end and non-insertion end. The insertion end has eyelets (holes) that aid in emptying urine into the toilet. The non-insertion end contains a plastic funnel that helps direct urine to the toilet bowl or waste receptacle.

Types of Straight Catheters

Traditional Straight Catheters: These are the original urinary catheters that come uncoated and should be manually lubricated before inserting them into the urethra.

Compact Straight Catheters: These are pocket-sized, discreet, and travel-friendly. These catheters allow the user to self-catheterize and go about everyday activities with privacy. They often feature hydrophilic coating, meaning they are pre-lubricated.

Benefits of using a Straight Catheter

Straight tip catheters are safe, easy to use, and inexpensive. They are the standard type of urinary catheter, which many people prefer as they are fairly straightforward to insert. They work for most individuals; both men and women can use them on their own without the assistance of a medical professional. The benefits of straight tip catheters may include:

How does a Straight Tip Catheter work?

Straight catheters can be inserted through the urethra or stoma that connects the bladder to the outside of the body. Urine drains through eyelets and exits through the catheter funnel. Once the bladder is completely empty, the catheter is carefully withdrawn and thrown away. If you use a straight catheter that is not pre-lubricated, you will need to use a sterile lubricant approved for catheter use. Because straight catheters are for single-use, there is less chance of getting infections, such as urinary tract infection (UTI).

Where to buy Intermittent Straight Catheters online?

Health Products For You carries a complete selection of straight catheters in a wide variety of sizes and materials like PVC, silicone, red rubber, etc. You can rely on us to get a timely urological supply at your doorstep. We supply straight catheters from top-notch vendors like Coloplast, Hollister, Teleflex, and many more at affordable prices. Place your order today!

Research paper on Straight Catheters

Effect of Implementation of Intermittent Straight Catheter Protocol

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