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Nasojejunal feeding tubes or NJ feeding tubes are designed to deliver food to the juejunum or the small intestine directly via the nose. It is flexible and soft and delivery food efficiently so that it can absorbed by the body directly. Jejunum is a small part of the digestive system and so large amounts of food cannot be delivered. NJ feeding tubes deliver slow and regulated amounts of food for safety and ease.

Why Does One Need Nasojejunal Feeding Tubes?

There are five basic reasons on might need to use nasojejunal feeding tubes:
  • Cannot swallow food with ease
  • Suffer from severe reflux or vomiting
  • Stomach does no empty itself faster
  • Slow feeding is required since body absorbs food slowly

Things to Take Care of While Using Nasojejunal Feeding Tubes

  • Always check that the feeding tube is placed properly so that it doesn’t damage the interiors of the digestive system
  • Flush the tube at regular intervals to ensure that there is no clogging in the NG feeding tubes
  • Change the feeding bag every 24 hours to ensure safety, health, and security
  • Do not fidget with the tape or the bandage while using the tube
  • Clean the skin next to the nose to prevent irritation and rashes. Use a clean cloth and mild bathing soap.
  • Call a nurse or doctor whenever the tube displaces, you start to cough or vomit, or breathing becomes difficult.

Features of Nasojejunal Feeding Tubes

  • Designed with high quality rubber and polyurethane plastic material
  • Comes with Enfit connectors and stylets
  • Extension kits are also available for ease of usage
  • Low profile feeding NJ tubes

Where to Buy Nasojejunal Feeding Tubes Online?

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