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It is quite often that people forget to take their medicines on time. Also, if they have to take a variety of medications at different times, they may get muddled about when to take and what to take. All of these possible situations can be potentially dangerous and may result in either skipping of doses or taking too many medicines. To overcome all the risks associated with unorganized medicine schedule, use of pill boxes and pill organizers is suggested. They are designed for use by individuals with memory disabilities and who are blind or have low vision. Pill boxes and pill organizers may also be useful to others who need reminders about taking medications.

Why use Pill Boxes and Pill Organizers?

  • Pill storage boxes are small boxes with lids that contain the medicines for the day.
  • They help sort out the medicines every day so that the users do not over dose or under dose themselves.
  • Pill storage containers are usually made up of plastic and have snap shut lids for safe and secure storage.
  • Pill organizers have separate compartments so that the pills which are to be taken at different times can be separated.
  • Each compartment lid is marked with a letter or number. These letters or numbers indicate the days of the week or times of the day such as morning, afternoon, evening, night.
  • Most medical pill containers and medication organizers have see-through lids. These lids help the users to straight away see if they have missed a tablet.
  • They have contoured design for easy pill removal.

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