Pill Crusher or Splitter

Pill Crusher or Splitter, as the name suggests, is used to crush or split the pills. There are many reasons why a medicine pill crusher or pill splitter is required. Some people face difficulty in swallowing the pills and crushing them makes it easy to swallow. Others use a tablet crusher to crush down medicine for use with a feeding tube. Medicines sometimes require manipulation by crushing or splitting them to change the needed dosage. At HPFY, we offer a wide range of Pill Crusher or Splitter from various top-selling brands like Accu-Life, HealthSmart, Silent Knight, etc.

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How to choose the right Pill Crusher?

Choosing a medicine pill crusher depends upon various factors which one should consider before buying. A good basic point to start with is how many pills are required to be crushed everyday and how much strength the users have in their hands.

  • If only one or two pills are required to be crushed every day and users have enough hand strength to operate, then plastic pill crushers with twist top work well. One such pill crusher is Acu-Life Splitter or Crusher. Pill is put inside the crusher, and then the unit is twisted together to crush the pill. A considerable amount of effort is required to use this method. Such tablet crushers can be troublesome if large number of pills is to be crushed each day and users have weak hands. 
  • The other option is professional grade pill crusher like Silent Knight Pill Crushing System. Less hand strength and effort is required in it as compared to the plastic models. Users should certainly consider it, if they are crushing large volume of pills. It is usually found in nursing homes and hospitals. 
  • If users have limited strength in their hands or suffer from arthritis, small plastic screw-top pill crushers may not stand up to be the best option. After using them, wrists and arms of the users may get sore or cramp. For people with arthritis or limited hand strength who have difficulty turning a screw-top crusher, Silent Knight Pill Crushing System is a life saver. It does not hurt the hands of the users and very little effort or strength is required to operate it.

Pill crushers are usually based on a screw action mechanism to crush down the pills. To avoid wastage and dropping on the floor, crushed pills remain in the base of the crusher until required. For those who have difficulty managing screw action, there are other pill grinders available which require less effort. Pill splitters are designed to split the pills easily and safely. Pills can be hygienically split ahead of time or at the time when they are needed. Some of the pill cutter and crusher are able to do both things while others either crush or split pills. Usually pill crusher and splitter are small and portable. Some even include a storage area for tablets. They are made up of material that is dishwasher proof.