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Commode chairs are meant for those people who are unable to use the toilet the regular way and need assistance. This is especially true of the elderly, ill people and bariatric individuals. Commode chairs have special designs which allow the person to use it by the bedside, be wheeled into a toilet or store it away for travel. The portability feature of commode chairs make them convenient to be moved to different rooms wherever the user is and then wheeled back into the toilet for emptying out and cleaning up. Commode chairs eliminate risks for people with limited mobility. At HPFY find commode chairs of various types suited for people with different needs. Take your pick today!

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What Are The Different Types Of Commode Chairs?

There is a wide selection of commode chairs with different features and there are several options to choose from. There are bedside commodes, drop arm commode, steel commode, aluminum commode, commodes for children, PVC commode, 3-in-1 commode, portable commode, bedside commode chair, folding commode chair, etc. There are options in seat height, weight capacity, width, depth or size and color. They are designed to be more stable and height adjustable for use over a regular toilet.  

  • Steel Commodes: Steel commodes have a framework of steel to offer the user stability, comfort and strength. The steel gives the commode chair a sturdy appearance and increases the confidence of the user making his/her toileting needs a relaxed experience. There are beside steel commodes for those who cannot walk to the washroom. Versatile three-in-one folding bedside steel commodes fold up flat for convenient storage and travel. There are portable commodes that come complete with commode pail, cover and splash shield and some have removable backrest which converts them into a raised toilet seat or toilet safety frame. 

  • Bariatric Commode Chairs: Bariatric commodes are designed for people who have very large weight capacity and are unable to visit the washroom due to poor mobility. The basic design of a bariatric commode involves an extremely sturdy and wide framework to accommodate weight up to 900 lbs. The commode chair has leg support and head support and constructed to give additional support to heavy weight users. They are strong but lightweight and their anti-slip legs make them safe. There are also bariatric toilets which are portable commodes. There are bariatric commode chairs with drop arm, fixed arm, swing away arm and foldable types. 

  • Drop Arm Commodes: Drop arm commodes are a perfect choice for those with limited dexterity and need safe lateral transfers to and from the commode. The drop arm mechanism works through an easy-to-release button that can be used even by those with little manual dexterity. On releasing the button, the arms drop below the seat level allowing the user to be transferred with ease. Extra wide base and comfortable armrests promote user comfort.  

  • Aluminum Commode Seat: There are commodes with aluminum framework which provide strong support and are lightweight. Aluminum commodes are versatile, economical and easy to transport. These portable commodes have large seats to ensure comfortable seating and support. The aluminum frame of the commode chair is resistant to rust and therefore, ideal for use in the shower. 

  • Foldable Commode Chairs: Foldable commode chairs have a folding frame design which can be assembled quickly and without the need for tools. There are foldable 3-in-1 commode design which provides the flexibility for use as a bedside commode or raised toilet commode and safety frame over standard toilet. These toilet commodes fold for easy storage and transport making it convenient to take it along during travel. It is a good toileting facility to have for those who need a portable and easily storable commode option. 

  • PVC Commodes: PVC commodes have a PVC frame which combines high strength with low maintenance. These bedside commodes are built to support large weight capacities. They are made from warm-to-the-touch healthcare grade PVC. The material used makes the product safe to use and easy to maintain. 

  • Pediatric Commode Chair: Pediatric commodes are specially designed toilet seats for the young ones. They are safe and reliable and convenient to use. Most pediatric commode chairs have adjustable headrest and footrest to provide stability and support. These can be used in the clinic, school or at home. Built of soft and smooth material and contoured corners to ensure safe transfers for the little one.

How to Clean a Commode Chair?

Emptying out and cleaning a commode can be done in a few simple steps:

  • Wheel the commode chair into the toilet area. 
  • Remove the commode pan or bowl from the seat. 
  • Pour the content out into the toilet. 
  • Now wash the pan well with soap and use an antibacterial spray. 
  • Also wipe the commode well with a soft, clean cloth to ensure no unpleasant odor lingers.

Advantages of Using Commode Chairs

  • Commode chairs act as a second toilet for those who have limited mobility for various reasons and cannot visit the regular toileting facilities. These bedside toilets eliminate the risks of accidental falls in the washroom. 

  • Commode chairs are designed to be safe and provide complete support. 

  • There is less strain on caregivers. The design of certain commode chairs make it easy for lateral transfers of patients. 

  • Bedside toilets are a cost effective option for those who cannot visit the toilet. There is no need to redesign the existing toileting facility or spend of trained caregivers.