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Tracheostomy care is incomplete without our range of tracheostomy supplies. These products have been designed keeping in mind both the patient and caregiver. Tracheostomy products offer comprehensive support to individuals with a stoma on the airway to help with breathing and suction secretions. We carry a range of high quality tracheostomy equipment from trusted manufacturers to provide the best support to patients. All items are from trusted and leading manufacturers like Covidien/Medtronic, Atos Medical, Smiths Medical, Carefusion Corporation, Boston Medical Products etc.

Tracheostomy Care Supplies

Tracheal Humidifiers

  • Tracheal humidifiers or HMEs (heat moisture exchange) are an integral part of tracheostomy supplies because they warm and moisten the air that is inhaled. HME is also known by other names like an artificial nose or a Swedish nose because it does the work of a nose/mouth which provides warmth, moisture and filters the air inhaled. A tracheostomy rules out this advantage and hence, an artificial humidifier becomes essential. 

  • The HME filter fits onto one end of the trach tube and provides greater breathing comfort by conditioning, moisturizing and warming the incoming air. Humidification keeps the secretions thin and gets rid of mucus plugs. HME addresses the risk of infection by airborne pathogens and filters small airborne particles like bacteria, viruses, dust and pollen. The device needs to be changed daily to prevent accumulation of secretions. 

  • There is a whole line of tracheal humidifiers from well-known brands like Airlife, DAR, Hudson RCI, Kimvent, Provox and more. We carry HMEs for infants, HME starter kits, HMEs with suction port and in different shapes and sizes.

Tracheal Masks

Tracheal masks or tracheostomy masks are for use during tracheostomy and laryngectomy aerosol therapy. The neckband is comfortable and made of a soft, non-biting material. The swivel tubing connector swivels 360 degrees and allows access from either side. Patient comfort is provided with the soft cotton strap which permits accurate airway assessment and management. We carry Allied, Airlife and Hudscon RCI tracheal masks which accept 22 mm corrugated tubing and come in adult and pediatric sizes.

Tracheal Tubes and Tube Holders

Tracheostomy tubes are inserted into a tracheostomy stoma providing a passage into the lungs. A tracheal tube consists of three parts – outer cannula with neck plate/flange, inner cannula, obturator.

Outer Cannula with Neck Plate or Flange

The outer cannula keeps the tracheostomy open. The neck plate or flange holds the tube in place and has holes through which sutures, cloth trach ties or Velcro straps are pushed in to secure the device around the neck. Options are available of single cannula tube or dual cannula tube.

Inner Cannula

A dual cannula tube has an inner cannula which is inserted into the outer cannula. It can be brought out for cleaning. Once inserted into the outer cannula it is kept locked to prevent it from being coughed out.


The obturator is a device used to insert the tracheostomy tube. It is also referred to as a pilot that guides the tube into the trachea to prevent tissue damage.

Tracheal Tubes

  • Tracheal tubes may be cuffed, uncuffed or fenestrated. Cuffed tubes are for those who need assisted breathing through a respirator. A cuff, or balloon, blocks the airway ensuring no air flows around the trach tube and only through the tube thus keeping the patient well oxygenated. The cuff is inflated or deflated using a pilot balloon which is positioned outside the body.  

  • Uncuffed tubes are suitable for those without a respirator and who do not have difficulty swallowing. These trach tubes allow air to pass into the upper trachea and larynx and are available in multiple sizes because they have long-term usage and should therefore have the right fitting. 

  • A fenestrated tracheostomy tube allows the convenience of inner cannula disposability and, at the same time, lets the patient breathe through the upper airway if desired. Shiley tracheostomy tubes and Portextrach tubes are the popular choices in this category. 

  • There are several types of tracheostomy tube holders which provide secure positioning and minimize movement of the tracheostomy tube. Popular brands like NeoHold, Pedi-Tie, Pedi-Tie II and Shiley are available. 

We also carry tracheal care kits which include trach cleaning brushes, twill tapes, cotton-tipped applicators, tracheostomy dressings, gloves, pipe cleaners

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