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Splinting supplies include all kinds of devices required for support and immobilization when splinting an injury, strapping and padding. Strains, sprains and fractures need splinting to keep the area partially or fully immobilized for speedy recovery. The splinting supplies that provide this support are made from a lighter and adjustable material when compared to heavy casts and easily conform to various body parts. They are more hygienic because they can be removed and cleaned.

Splinting Supplies

At Health Products For You there is a comprehensive range of casting and splinting supplies which are of superior quality. The different types include:

  • Precuts And Preformed Splints: Precuts and preformed splints section includes splinting supplies for the hand such as pre-cut stockinette, hand splint with neoprene straps, lace-up wrist splints, forearm wrist splints, single finger extension kits, thumb restriction splints and more.
  • Splint Padding: Splint padding products provide firm support and padding to splints, adaptive equipment and prosthesis.
  • Splinting Thermoplastics: Thermoplastics are sheets which can be used for almost any splinting application for finger and hand splints without the need to remold or stretch. These splints are for the upper extremities and produce a smooth, undercast surface for an intimate fit.
  • Splinting Hook And Loop: Hook and loop splinting supplies provide cushioned support to secure splints in place. They are available as pre-cut strips or in long rolls for customization to be used with hook, loops or both. Individual hooks and loops can be combined with a D-ring to provide a snug fit around the injured area.
  • Splinting Tools: A whole line-up of splinting tools for removing splints and casts and necessary for day-to-day splinting. Tools include puncture tray, heating equipment, rivets and pellets and heating pans to make splinting sheets soft and malleable.
  • Stockinette: Stockinette splinting supply is for use over dressings, under standard casting applications, with cervical collars and orthopedic appliances.

Choosing Splinting Material

Choosing the right splinting material for casting and splinting supplies is dependent on the type of injury and the splinting used. And this is possible because there is a wide variety of splinting material available. Some are strong and stiff, some non-stick and others soft. There are those which are cost-effective while there are some splinting materials that can withstand high temperatures necessary for certain sterilization requirements. There are splinting supplies made from hard material but this hardness can be customized once heated. On heating, they become stretchable and conformable. Elastomer is one kind of a splinting material. It is like soft putty which easily molds for a snug fit against the skin. This type is strong and durable and apt for creating finger separators as well as web space splints for the hands and feet. Elastomer can be used on its own or in combination with another splint type. Splinting materials are generally waterproof and antimicrobial. They are breathable in nature and available in mini- and micro-perforated formats.