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What is Ostomy Odor Eliminator?

Often people with an ostomy are concerned about pouch odors which makes them lose confidence making them conscious and limit to themselves. HPFY offers a range of products to combat ostomy odors including liquid deodorants, gels, tablets, and powders. These are non-toxic products good for eliminating offensive odors for hours.

How to stop your ostomy from smelling?

Management of ostomy odor is one of the biggest concerns posed to ostomates, especially while going out in public. Many people live under constant stress that their ostomy will affect their social life in a negative way, and rightly so. Odors are embarrassing, but luckily, ostomy odor is manageable with the right products and specific lifestyle changes.

5 Ways to Avoid Ostomy Odor

  • Keep a keen eye on your body's response to certain food and beverages. Some foods produce worse-smelling stools and gas than others including fish, eggs, cheese, cabbage, brussels sprouts, onions, asparagus, broccoli, baked beans, etc. but this does not mean you must avoid these foods altogether.
  • Empty the ostomy pouch regularly
  • Use an odor eliminator
  • Use a filter
  • Invest in a new and efficient ostomy bag.

Important Note!

Odors escape the ostomy system only while emptying the appliance or at the time of appliance change. An ostomy pouch when sealed should not smell. If it does then it means there may be a leakage, the ostomy pouch is faulty or soiled, or a non-functioning or blocked filter. In any of the cases, you must first consult your medical practitioner.


Odor can seem like a big and embarrassing problem but limiting foods that cause odors and using the right deodorizing products can help in eliminating the smell, making odor management easier. Buy deodorizers from top manufacturers like Montreal, Coloplast, Medline, and many others at the best prices on HPFY.

Types of Ostomy Odor Control Aids

Best Odor Eliminators at HPFY 

Where to buy Ostomy Odor Control Products online?

Health Products For You believes in serving the best quality health and wellness products to its clientele. We understand the importance of affordable and effective medical supplies, hence, we feature a wide array of ostomy deodorizers from leading manufacturers like Hollister, Imtek, McKesson, and many more to offer you the best options available.

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Odor Removers

Finding the Best Odor Eliminators for Ostomates

Does the thought of ostomy odor make you anxious, self-conscious, and constantly anxious, especially in public? You don’t have to feel that way any longer. Find the best odor eliminators for ostomates at HPFY.

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