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What is a Hip Kit?

Hip Kits include all the essential daily living aids that are required by people who have difficulty bending at hips. These complete hip replacement recovery kits are ideal for people with reduced reaching capabilities, recovering from hip and knee replacement surgeries and have difficulty in dressing and bathing independently. They enhance independence and solve the issues of reach with a comprehensive collection of products including a reacher, dressing stick, shoehorn, sock aid, sponge and more. These products are specifically fashioned to provide you with utmost assistance in daily chores. They are manufactured by leading names of the industry such as Patterson Medical, Essential Medical, and Sammons Preston etc.

Who can use Hip Kits?

People with following physical conditions can use hip replacement kits:

What is included in a Hip Kit?

A Hip Kit includes a-


Reacher is used to pick up light objects placed at higher or lower levels without bending or stretching. People for whom bending is restricted or painful, reacher can prove to be a great tool. The Sammons Preston Complete Hip Replacement Kit With Reacher is designed to assist those recovering from hip surgery. Each kit comes in a bag and features 8 of the most common household mobility aids.

Dressing Stick

Dressing stick helps to put on clothes without twisting or bending. It can help in putting on shirts, pulling up pants or skirts, etc. even with one hand. The Graham-Field Post Surgery Hip Kit is perfect for those recovering from hip, knee or back surgery. It comes with a variety of aids-to-daily living products in one convenient package.


Long handled sponges are used to wash back, feet and other hard-reaching areas of the body. It is a great bathing tool for people with hip replacement who have difficulty in bending and twisting. The Sammons Preston Deluxe Hip and Knee Kit features the best-selling assistive aids, it contains everything a user need for easier recovery from surgery.


Shoe horn helps in wearing a shoe without bending down and reaching the feet. It also increases the life of shoe and prevents its back from scrunching. The FabLife Hip Kit With Plastic Shoehorn is specially designed for use by patients recovering from hip or back surgery, who have limited range of motion while performing their daily life tasks. It comes with a variety of aids-to-daily living products in one convenient package. 

Sock Aid

Sock aid is designed for people with limited mobility to put on socks without bending. The Essential Medical Deluxe Hip Kit with Terry Cloth Sock Aid is designed to make life easier for individuals who have had hip or knee surgery.

How to use a hip kit?

  • Before initiating the process, make sure your hip kit is with you.
  • Do not bend past 90 degrees.
  • Do not cross your legs.
  • Do not turn hip inward.
  • Select easy clothing.
  • Keep your clothes within reach.


  1. Place the reacher inside the leg of your trouser.
  2. Slowly put inside one foot followed by another.
  3. Use a walking aid to stand straight comfortably and pull the trouser up your waistline. You can do it later, after putting on your socks and shoes too.

Sock Aid

  1. Place the sock on the sock aid properly.
  2. Put the help down on the floor, hold the ropes tight, and put your foot into the sock.
  3. Remove the assistance from the back of your leg once done.

Shoe Horn

  1. Use the shoehorn to put the shoe down on the floor.
  2. Place the long-handled shoehorn inside the shoe, followed by your foot.
  3. Do the same with your other foot.

Note: Do not get disheartened if it takes more time to get dressed this way. You are very likely to make mistakes, but it is all fine. A little practice and diligence will make everything a smooth sail.

HPFY Hip Kit

HPFY brings to you a medical hip kit of its own brand - the Premium 5-Piece Hip Replacement Kit, which includes a collection of reacher, dressing stick, sponge, shoehorn and sock aid all manufactured with perfection and delivered to your doorsteps by us.

Where can I buy Hip Kits online?

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