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Types of Kitchen Appliances

  • Water Distillers and Purifiers: Water distillers and purifiers provide optimum water purity and supply fresh and homemade distilled water. They remove contaminates like chlorine, heavy metals, etc. from drinking water. 

  • Juicers: Juicers are used to produce continuous fresh juice. They use centrifugal action to produce the juice and eject the pulp separated from juice. 

  • Blenders: Blenders are used to make delicious drinks like protein shakes, smoothies, milk shakes, etc. They can also be used to grind coffee, grate cheese, chop nuts and mix drinks. 

  • Toasters: Toasters make evenly browned and perfectly toasted bread every time. They contain a number of slots to insert and toast the bread. 

  • Wheatgrass Grower and Sprouter: Wheatgrass Sprouter is designed to produce organic home grown sprouts. It makes sprouting a simple and hassle-free process. Wheatgrass Grower is used to grow wheatgrass conveniently at home. 

  • Yogurt Maker: Yogurt Maker is used to make fresh yogurt quickly and easily at home. It makes delicious yogurt which replenishes the good bacteria in digestive tract and help digest the food. 

  • Soup Maker: Soup Maker helps users make hot soups, fresh soymilk and veganmilk at home. They come with special settings to control temperature easily. 

  • Cookers: Rice Cooker helps make fluffy rice with minimal effort. Rice is cooked to the perfect moistness and texture. Popcorn Popper is used to make pop corns. It usually comes with a flat bottom for quick conduction of heat. 

  • Grain Mill: Grain Mill creates super fine grind from grains with great ease. It unlocks all the flavors and nutrients of grains. 

  • Food Dehydrator: Food Dehydrator is used for quick and easy dehydration. It dehydrates a variety of food, preserving the taste and nutritional value without adding artificial preservatives.