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What are Post-Surgical Bras?

A Post-op Support Bra is a specially fashioned bra for use right after breast surgery and throughout recovery. These post-operative bras provide support, compression and help in maintaining scar free skin. These comfortable bras after surgery offer pain relief without causing skin irritation. Health Products For You facilitates its customers with a wide range of post-surgical bras and camisoles. These bras are manufactured by leading names of the industry such as Amoena, Medline Industries, Wear Ease, and Curad, to name a few.

Benefits of a Compression Bra After Breast Surgery

There are plenty of different uses of surgical compression bras. A postoperative bra is an integral part of a woman's recovery after breast surgery. It helps reduce swelling, keeps the implant from dropping down, offers easy passage to attach drainage tubes. Other than these, compression bras offer-

  1. Hygiene: After-surgery bras are quite different from the regular bras that women wear. A post-surgery bra aids in the maintenance of a hygienic environment for quicker recovery after a mastectomy. A surgical bra stabilizes the chest and keeps the operated area free from infection. Most support bras use soft materials like cotton that won't exert too much pressure on sensitive areas.
  2. Compression: Compression bras are also proven beneficial in minimizing the chances of developing lymphedema. Moreover, compression garments, specifically, bras aid in better blood circulation, reducing swelling from the chest.
  3. Post-Surgical Assistance: The management of surgical drains is a major concern for many women. Interestingly, front fastening bras help assist women after surgery. They are designed to hold drain tubes without spilling the content. Additionally, these help in diminishing postoperative pain and keep the patient comfortable.
  4. Cosmetic Breast Surgery: Apart from the women who have undergone a mastectomy or a lumpectomy, these bras are also extensively used by women who have gone for cosmetic breast surgery. Such women can easily use these mastectomy bras and recover comfortably.
  5. Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery: Women who have undergone heart surgery can also use post-op bras. The front closure bras keep the breasts together and not letting them pull apart and strain the chest.

Buying Guide for Surgical Compression Bras

Finding a good fit can be a troublesome task, to make it a little hassle-free, Health Products For You brings you some tips to buying bras after breast augmentation.

Five things to consider while buying Support Bras 

  1. Front Fastening Bras: Immediately after surgery, the bra should be soft and stretchy. Front closure bras are easy to put on and provide comfort to those experiencing limited mobility.
  2. Coverage: The bra must have enough clothing on the side panel to provide full coverage to the breast and support any excess fat gained from the surgery.
  3. High Cotton Content: If possible, go for a bra that has high cotton content. It will help your skin breathe in hotter temperatures and aid women who might be experience hot flushes. Softer elastic straps should allow your bra to stick to your skin and provide utmost security.
  4. Cup Height: If wearing a prostheses, the bra needs to have enough cup height for the prostheses to be covered completely. For extra security, the post-surgical bras have pockets that can fit in prostheses and keep them secured at their place.
  5. Cup Separation: The clear separation of cups is needed to keep the prostheses from being displaced from its place. For best options to choose from, explore Health Products For You and find your fit with utmost ease.

Where to Buy Best Post Surgery Bra?

Health Products For You offers a fashionable collection of post-op bras for a stylish, comfortable, and hygienic recovery from breast cancer. To get the best deals, place your order today and earn reward dollars on every purchase.

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