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After a mastectomy or lumpectomy surgery women can feel emotionally and physically stressed due to the imbalances in her body. Choosing the right breast form is a crucial decision to make. The right breast form can solve the issues by providing shape and balance to the body. Trulife strives to create natural life like prosthesis to make you feel more comfortable and feminine along with providing the required balance. Different women have all different needs. The trulife breast form collection offers breast forms of different shapes, sizes, and styles to suit your unique lifestyle. Silicone breast forms are handmade in Ireland through latest technology. The goal is to provide comfort, style, and choices with consistency and quality.

Benefits of Trulife Forms

  • Trulife breast forms are lightweight, soft, natural, and breathable breast forms with tapered edges and a breathable back that conforms to the bra to give a perfect silhouette.
  • Other types of breast forms by Trulife are soft and natural and drape like the real breast providing the softness and suppleness every woman desires.
  • Trulife breast forms provide optimum weight balance and come with a soft back film that makes this breast forms a great option for most women.
  • Lightweight breast forms are best for leisure and recreation activities.

Try the Trulife 616 Tri-Featherweight Breast Formor the Trulife 611 Tri-Leisure Triangle Breast Form perfect for leisure and recreation activities. The Trulife 471 Silk Triangle Breast Form provide a soft and supple feeling just like a natural breast. Choose from a wide range of breast forms to perfect your silhouette and maintain your body balance at HPFY!

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