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Electrotherapy is used for pain management and in the treatment of certain medical conditions such as incontinence, blood flow, neuromuscular dysfunction, joint mobility, tissue repair and edema. We offer a wide range of electrotherapy products which includes electrodes, ultrasound therapy devices, individual TENS/EMS units as well as combination units, conductive garments, electrotherapy skin care items and more. Renowned manufacturers and brands are featured here including Unipatch, Kendall, BioKnit, BioStimGrafco. It is always advisable to seek the advice of your doctor before using electrotherapy. Most TENS/EMS units are available over-the-counter but there are some which need a prescription.

Benefits of Electrotherapy

Electrotherapy is found to effectively manage nerve pain, increase blood circulation, relax muscle spasms, strengthen muscles, prevent and retard disuse atrophy, maintain and increase range of motion, promote bone growth and provide relief from post-traumatic and post-surgical acute pain. It is also found to offer immediate post-surgical stimulation of muscles to prevent venous thrombosis as well as help in chronic wound healing, pressure ulcers and drug delivery.

How does Electrotherapy work for Pain Relief?

  • When you apply electrotherapy you are sending mild electrical impulses to a particular area to interrupt or block the nerve pain signals and bring down pain.
  • liElectrotherapy works well for nerve pain like muscle weakness, upper and lower back pain, extreme sensitivity, numbness and tingling.
  • One theory says that stimulating the nerves through electric current helps the body produce natural painkillers called endorphins.

How to use an Electrotherapy Device?

Electrotherapy units comprise a battery-powered device connected to adhesive electrode pads through wires. These pads are sticky and adhere to the skin. The electrode pads must be placed on the body area that needs treating. When the device is turned on, a mild electric current is transmitted through the wires and the electrode to that area of the body. Newer models are one-piece units without wires. Electrodes and battery power are combined into a single unit designed to be worn on the back, arm, leg or anywhere on the body. They are unnoticeable and can be worn outdoors.

What is TENS Electrotherapy?

TENS or Transcutaneous Electrical Neural (or Nerve) Stimulation, units are electrotherapy devices. Through TENS pain relief, electrodes placed on the area of pain stimulate the nerves, blocking other signals of pain. TENS units help in the stimulation, contraction and relaxation of muscle fibers, increasing blood flow and encouraging muscle growth. 

Using TENS unit in an area associated with nerve problem can help block pain and stimulate circulation to promote healing. These devices are found to help the body produce Beta-endorphins – which are pain-fighting endorphins.

What is the Difference between TENS and EMS Units?

A TENS unit stimulates the nervous tissue to provide relief from certain types of acute and chronic pain but EMS units work on the muscles instead of the nerves and make the muscles contract.

What to Choose – TENS or EMS?

Which unit to buy will depend on your requirement. TENS units are used for ailments like:

  • Chronic back pain
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Sciatica
  • Foot pain
  • Arthritis
  • Labor pain
  • Multiple sclerosis

EMS units electrode pads are more suitable for:

  • Relaxation of muscles
  • Muscle building
  • Muscle toning
  • Increasing blood circulation
  • Preventing disuse muscle atrophy
  • Rehabilitation

If you are a sportsman suffering from back pain you need both TENS Machine and EMS unit. Use the TENS unit to rid of your back pain and EMS unit to help build muscles.We have individual and combination TENS/EMS units.

Electrotherapy Units – Best Buys

  • Omron TENS units are among the best TENS units apart from those by Biomedical Life Systems, Complete Medical Supplies, Bilt-Rite, Drive Medical, ITA-Med, Reliamed, etc.
  • The Omron Max Power TENS unit is versatile, highly customizable and suitable for multiple adult family members with varied requirements.
  • Digital Dual Channel TENS and EMS Combo Unit from BodyMed is a great example of a unit with TENS and EMS combination for use by someone needing both.
  • We also carry a wide range of high quality and disposable/reusable electrodes from top makers. We have items for lumbrosacral stimulation, sponge, cloth or foam electrodes, pediatric ones and pencil electrode sets.
  • The BioStim PigTail Electrodes from Bio Medical is a popular buy with easy lead wire connections to access hard-to-reach areas. PALS Platinum Neurostimulation Electrodes from Axelgaard is also popular with its patented stainless steel knit fabric design and optimal applications.
  • Also available are defibrillators and ultrasound therapy items from trusted brands.

Where to buy Electrotherapy Products Online?

Electrotherapy is used to treat certain medical conditions such as incontinence, blood flow, neuromuscular dysfunction, joint mobility, tissue repair, and edema. At Health Products For You, we offer a wide range of electrotherapy products like Electrodes, Ultrasound therapy devices, TENS/EMS units, Electrotherapy Skincare items and more from top manufacturer such as Chattanooga Group, Pain Management Technologies, Biomedical Life Systems, Bodymed, Covidien/Medtronic. Shop Now!

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