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Kitchen aids are designed for people with limited flexibility, dexterity and mobility, who face difficulty while performing various tasks in the kitchen. These kitchen aids for disabled are known to help in activities like preparing meals, holding utensils, opening cans and bottles, turning taps and knobs of stove, maintaining cleanliness and more. Health Products For You provides kitchen aids including easy openers, knob and tap turners, utensil holders, meal preparation aids and kitchen appliances. These products are designed by some of the popular manufacturers like Toastmaster Corporation, Conair Corporation, Maxi-Matic, Tribest Corporation, etc.

Different types of Kitchen Aids

There is a wide range of kitchen appliances available at HPFY including food processors, soup makers, blenders, water distillers, rice cookers, grain mills, toasters, yogurt makers, juicers, grinders, and many more.  

  • Easy Openers: Easy openers, as the name suggests, are used to open cans, bottles and jars with great ease and convenience. They help people with limited hand movement and weak grip to perform these basic activities independently, without any assistance. 

  • Knob and Tap Turners: Knob and tap turners are designed to assist users in turning knobs and taps. For people who suffer from poor grip due to problems like arthritis, these kitchen aids prove to be a boon. 

  • Utensil Holders: Utensil holders are used to help people perform daily activities more easily and in an independent way. They are ideal for people with weak grip and limited range of motion. Utensil Holders assist in gripping kitchen utensils like forks, spoons, knives, etc. 

  • Meal Preparation Aids: Meal preparation aids are used to help people in preparing meals independently. They make the cooking task easier and convenient for users. Along with meal preparation, these cooking aids for disabled also help in preserving items like bread and garlic. 

  • Kitchen Appliances: Kitchen appliances help in preparing meals and providing safe drinking water. They make it easier for users to cook food items, grind herbs and spices, make milk shakes and juices, toast breads, etc.