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What are Oxygen Supplies?

Oxygen therapy accessories help in effective oxygen therapy treatment. We carry a range of accessories like carry bags, regulators, humidifiers, spare batteries, power supply system, adaptor, oxygen carts, racks and stands, wrenches, oxygen analyzers and much more.

  1. Carrying bags: These carry bags are great for transportation purposes. Along with being attractive they are also durable and come with carry straps. For ex. The Inogen One G2 Carry Bag. We also have carry product specific carry bags.
  2. Oxygen Regulators: These are devices that are connected to oxygen cylinders and are used to regulate the oxygen flow. The flow can be adjusted from 0 – 15 liters/minute as prescribed by your medical professional. Buy the EasyDial Reg Oxygen Regulator that features built-in pressure relief valve and a protected contents gauge.
  3. Battery Pack: Various kinds of chargeable batteries for your convenience. Battery packs help you to take your oxygen therapy device wherever you like. They provide continuous use per charge to which enables you to take it along on long trips. We also have product specific batteries. 
  4. Humidifier Bottle: These are medical devices used to humidify supplemental oxygen, A humidifier is especially useful in drier climates. Oxygen therapy also causes nasal dryness. So to reduce this dryness humidifiers play a great role. Sterile water is used in humidification.Water Traps are also useful in humidification process.
  5. Racks & Stand: Oxygen Racks and stands are used for storage of supplemental oxygen. These racks are designed to hold multiple tanks at a time. We also have Oxygen Carts for transporting oxygen tanks within a hospital facility.

Where to buy Oxygen Therapy Equipment?

Health Products For You offers a great variety of oxygen supplies such as oxygen tubing and accessories manufactured by well-known brands like Responsive Respiratory, Drive Medical, Inogen, Invacare Corporation, Respironics etc. to cater to your specific needs. Place your order today and get exciting deals on every purchase you make. 

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