Pocket Catheters

Pocket catheters are some of the most small and discreet kind of catheters. A standard catheter is a hollow tube like item made of synthetic material used to deliver medication or liquids to the body or to remove waste or liquid from the body. Changing a catheter in public or carrying one around daily can be difficult for some people and carrying a catheter at all times is also something one doesn’t feel comfortable with. Pocket catheters are the right solution to such situations. Packed in small packets, pocket catheters can be carried around in the pocket as the name suggests. Pocket catheters are the same as standard catheters, with the added feature of be concealable. Intermittent pocket catheters can be carried around in a pocket, a purse, briefcase, backpack, or makeup bag. Some pocket catheters are so compact that they can be hidden within the palm of the hand.

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Types of Pocket Catheters

  • Curved Packaging Pocket Catheters - These pocket catheters catheters are flexible intermittent catheters that are curved and packed inside a discreet package
  • Compact Pocket Catheters - Available for both men and women, these pocket catheters catheters are packed in case that is compact like that of a lipstick or a mascara. They come in coude tip and curved tip options as well
  • Pocket Closed System Catheters - These pocket catheters are set of intermittent catheters with an all in one collection system. These pocket catheter systems include an intermittent catheter with an introducer tip

Benefits of Pocket Catheters

  • Concealable and discreet
  • Can be carried around in almost any case
  • Can be concealed in the palm
  • Flexible and sturdy
  • Material strong enough to prevent kinks and bends
  • Doesn’t compromise on length and functions