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What are Pocket Catheters?

As the name suggests, the pocket catheter is compact enough to fit in your pocket. Pocket catheters usually refer to intermittent catheters, and they serve the same purpose as any regular catheter does. Changing a catheter in public or carrying one everywhere seems difficult and even embarrassing for some. Pocket catheters are the perfect fix for them. They are packed in small packages making them compact and discreet. Intermittent pocket catheters can be carried around in a pocket, a purse, briefcase, backpack, or makeup bag. Interestingly, some pocket catheters are ultra-compact that you can hide them in the palm of your hand.

HPFY offers a huge collection of pocket catheters in varied sizes and types for men, women, and children from top brands like Speedicath, Lofric, etc. Shop now and live with enhanced privacy and comfort!

Types of Pocket Catheters

Benefits of Portable Catheters

How to choose the right Pocket Catheter?


The most important feature to consider is the length of the tube. Typically, standard intermittent catheters come in various lengths depending upon the user’s needs. The male (unisex) catheter generally is around 16 inches long, female catheters are about 6 inches long, and pediatric catheters for children are around 10 inches. Pocket catheters either come in standard length or shorter than the standard size. Before buying a pocket catheter, consult your healthcare provider to help you get the one that meets your specific needs.


A catheter with a hydrophilic coating does not require the application of lubricating jelly, which eliminates the need to touch the catheter tube, reducing the possibility of germs contaminating the urethra. If you experience pain or difficulty during insertion, it is good to try a hydrophilic catheter.

Catheter Tip

The compact catheters come with a straight tip or Coude tip. Coude tip catheter has a slight bend or angle to the tip that allows the catheter to easily glide past blockages, tight spots, or enlarged prostates to empty the bladder. If you cannot use a straight tip catheter or experience pain, you may try a coude tip catheter.

How to use an Intermittent Female Catheter?

Where to buy Portable Catheters online?

Health Products For You is your one-stop-shop for all your urological supplies. We stocked up our inventory with a huge collection of compact catheters from leading manufacturers like Coloplast, Cure Medical, Astra Tech, etc. Shop now for hassle-free catheterization and peace of mind. Place your order today!

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