Buy Eyes Pads For Wound Care - Save Up To 40% With Wound Dressings For The Eyes

Eye patches are generally used post eye surgery, at night in order to protect the eye and reduce discomfort. It may or may not be used during the day. The Eyelid must be closed before application of the patch. A properly placed patch must apply gentle pressure on the eye lid to remain closed and the eye itself does not rub against the patch. Since the amount of light going into the eye decreases it helps in easing the discomfort. The eye can still move under the patch. In some cases if the surgical wound is not properly sealed, an additional day of patching might be required. In more severe cases you might have to get the wound re-operated for proper closure. Eye patches are preferred as they help in limiting the swelling. It is advisable to remove eye patches whenever possible to allow healing and limit the moisture inside the patch which can also sometimes be harmful.

HPFY carries a range of eye patches helpful after the surgery, especially in kids so that they do not harm the site of surgery intentionally or unintentionally. Try the 3M Nexcare Opticlude Orthoptic Eye Patch, BSN Jobst Coverlet Flexible Fabric Adhesive Eye Occlusor or the McKesson Elastic Band Convex Eye Patch for best results. Get attractive discounts on each purchase!

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